Tips for Keeping a Teen Safe Abroad

Traveling without a parent with a large travel backpack can be a big challenge, even for teenagers who travel most frequently. However, this can also be an exciting and rich opportunity to develop your self-confidence, life skills and knowledge. With proper planning and hard work, any teenager's travel dream can be realized.

Tips for Keeping a Teen Safe Abroad

How to ensure the safety of young people? Here are a few tips:

1. Travel with a tour group
Consider trips organized by travel agencies or schools as part of the trip. Although it's not as free as traveling alone, a tour group specifically for teenagers is a great way to get out of your comfort zone, learn more about travel, and make more new friends. Tour groups and school trips also mean that your hotel, food, transportation and activities have been arranged already. You don't have to worry about food, drink and accommodation.

2. Make sure you understand the challenges and risks of traveling alone as a teenager
Some countries/regions require your parent or guardian to sign a consent form, and some countries may refuse your entry. Some tourist attractions need to be accompanied by parents to enter. Before going to this country, it is best to understand these restrictions, so as not to affect the itinerary.

Tips for Keeping a Teen Safe Abroad

3. Travel essentials
Teenagers are in the stage of physical and mental development and are full of curiosity about external things. It is inevitable that there will be some injures. Therefore, some daily essential medicines are indispensable in your carry on backpacks, such as band-aids, disinfectant cotton, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial drugs. In addition, it is best to prepare a silk scarf, which can prevent wind and allergy, and can also be used as a wound bandage at critical moments. In addition to these daily medicines, a small compass is also necessary, which can effectively avoid getting lost in the wilderness.

4. Pay attention to the safety of scenic spots
When going out to travel, in addition to the safety of travel vehicles, we must also pay attention to the safety in scenic areas. Young friends should choose to travel with multiple people as much as possible, and do not go to inaccessible or undeveloped areas alone to prevent accidents. Do not eat unidentified fruits and foods during the itinerary to prevent poisoning.

5. Purchase travel insurance.
Especially as a minor, it is helpful to have a safety net provided by travel insurance. Depending on the level of insurance you purchased, the missed flight will be refunded and your medical emergency expenses will be compensated. It can also arrange emergency transportation back to your home country and so on.

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Tips for Keeping a Teen Safe Abroad
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