Tips for purchasing cosmetic bags

For girls who love makeup, when traveling or on business trips, you usually carry a travel toiletry bag in your business travel backpack, which contains all the necessary makeup.


Matein Travel Professional Makeup Train Case Cosmetic Bag

1. Exquisite and compact appearance

Since it is a carry-on bag, the size should be appropriate. Generally, it is recommended that the size within 18cm×18cm is the most appropriate, and the side should have some width to fit all the items, and it can be put into the large bag without showing heavy.

2. Lightweight material

The weight of the material is also a factor that must be considered. The lighter the material, the less it will cause the burden of carrying. The travel toiletry bag made of fabric and plastic is the most lightweight and convenient. In addition, it is best to choose a wear-resistant material for the outer skin, without too much embellishment, so that it can be used for a long time.

3. Multi-layered design

Because the items in the cosmetic bag are very small and there are many small things to be placed, so there is a layered design style, it will be easier to put things in different categories. At present, the more and more intimate cosmetic bag design has even separated special areas such as lipstick, powder puff, and pen tools. With so many compartments, not only can it be clear at a glance where things are placed, but it can also protect them from being injured by collisions with each other.

Matein Ojaii Hanging Toiletry Bag Cosmetic Organizer

4. Choose a waterproof processing style that is not easy to get dirty

Although the natural wind cosmetic bag using natural fiber is very cute, it is not durable and difficult to keep clean. The cosmetic bag is recommended to choose a synthetic fiber or PVC-coated style that can be easily wiped clean when it is dirty. In addition, there are many opportunities to touch up makeup on the washroom, so check whether it has a waterproof function.

5. Choose the style that suits you

At this time, you must first check the types of things you usually carry. If the items are mostly pen-like items and flat-shaped makeup trays, then the wide, flat and multi-layered style is quite suitable. If it is mainly divided into bottles, In terms of shape, you should choose a cosmetic bag with a wider side, so that the bottle can stand upright so that the liquid inside will not leak out easily.

Tips for purchasing cosmetic bags

6. Use cushioned bags to protect cosmetics

There should be many girls who have experience of crushing the powder because the travel cosmetic bag fell on the ground. At this time, you should choose a bag with a cushioning material to protect makeup products such as pressed powderthat are easily broken.

Matein hot topic cosmetic bag recommendation

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