Tips for Travel the World as a Backpacker

Shannon O'Donnell from Los Angeles was an actress. She started planning to travel around the world in 2008. In the next 11 months, she spent $17,985.34 to travel to 15 countries. The following is her guide for backpackers traveling around the world:

Ready to go suggestions:
1. What you want to start is not a walk-and-go trip, it will be a long journey, please be psychologically prepared.
2. Open a travel account in the bank, separate from your daily account.
2. Eliminate unnecessary things in life and sell them on second-hand websites in exchange for travel expenses.
3. Reduce daily expenses, such as drinking less coffee, eating less Sumptuous meals, and transferring money to the travel account every week.
4. Settle all debts before traveling: mortgages, credit cards, etc. You need to move forward without pressure.
5. To increase the current income in stages, consider taking a part-time job or being freelance.
6. Stay determined and don't give up easily. Some people can save a lot of money quickly, while others can take several years. You can never withdraw a penny from your travel account right now.

Tips for Travel the World as a Backpacker

7. Choose accommodation: the best is the hotel where you can do laundry and cook for yourself. In Europe and Australia, she mostly lives in youth hostels. In Asia, she stay in cheap hotels. Of course, you can also choose to be a sofa guest.
8. Record expenditure at any time. Shannon made a super detailed English form with detailed records of various expenses. Including: average daily expenses, total expenses of countries, extra expenses for travel, expenses for air tickets, comprehensive expenses, expenses for travel supplies, etc.
9. Spend as little time as possible in the Western world, where the cost is higher after all.
10. Try to avoid buying too many air tickets. When you arrive the destination, choosing local transportation is very convenient. It can also create more beautiful stories and get deeper into the local culture.
11. Purchase travel insurance: It is a pity if you are forced to suspend your travel halfway due to illness, you can purchase long-term travel insurance to cover the medical expenses of the trip.

I hope the above experience summarized can be helpful to you.

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