Tips for using backpacks

Smart backpacks are indispensable equipment for outdoor travel, hiking, camping, and mountaineering. It can help us carry a lot of things, and professional backpacks will not be particularly tired. Here are some tips that you don’t know when using the backpack.

Tips for using backpacks

1. When packing luggage, if there are more or all heavy objects, they can be placed on average. The chest strap should be fastened and tightened behind the shoulders, so that there is no feeling of falling behind when carrying the backpack. Pull the adjustment strap between the shoulder strap and the backpack with both hands during the action.

2. When passing through dangerous places, you should relax the shoulder straps of the backpack, open the waist belt and chest strap, so that in case of danger, you can separate the person from the backpack at the fastest speed to ensure that you can escape from the danger easily.

3. Don't fall and slap the backpack, especially the backpack filled with things. After the backpack is full, the tension of the suture place is already quite tight. If you remove the backpack rudely or accidentally fall, it is easy to break the suture place or damage the fasteners. Do not put the hard iron equipment to close to the backpack fabric: If the hard materials such as tableware, pots and so on are close to the backpack fabric, as long as the exterior of the backpack rubs against the hard rock walls and railings, it will easily tear the backpack fabric.

Tips for using backpacks

4. Be careful to buckle the webbing accessories during transportation. When getting in the car, there will be some pulling of the large travel backpack, so pay attention to whether the waist buckle is fastened when the backpack is getting in the car. Some backpacks have a soft waist buckle and can be reversed to buckle the lower part of the backpack; some backpacks have a hard plastic plate support on the waist, which can not be reversed. It is best to have a backpack cover to cover the backpack. So as not to entangle the webbing with other backpacks and damage the backpack during the transportation process.

5. You can bring a thin piece of plastic paper when you go out. Because when you are hiking or climbing, you often rest. If you rest outdoors, your backpack can easily get dirty if you put it on the ground or on the grass. Some things are difficult to clean when stained on the backpack. Plastic paper can prevent dirt from sticking to the backpack.

6. You need to put your backpack away after traveling. Make sure that the backpack is completely dry, and empty the backpack, do not leave anything in the backpack. On the one hand, avoid finding things. On the other hand, if there are other things in the backpack, it will easily cause the backpack to deform after stacking. Keep the backpack dry before putting it in the storage box. You can spray some professional antibacterial and anti-mold sprays to avoid mold growth caused by long-term storage.

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