Tips of Travel Bags Shopping

Travel luggage refers to a variety of leather, artificial leather, synthetic leather, plastic, textiles as the fabric, plywood, plastic sheet, cardboard paper as the inner tube, using hot pressing or vacuum forming, injection molding, sewing technology to produce A travel tool with clothing function. According to the category, it mainly includes trolley travel bag, smart backpack, and hand travel bag. How to choose the best one?
Tips of Travel Bags Shopping

According to your needs, choose your own travel bag. For example: according to the length of time you have to travel, you can choose the size of your backpack, and according to the type of travel, you can choose whether it is a trolley travel bag or a backpack.

Check the key parts of the travel bag when buying. Pay special attention to the most important trolley and rollers of the rolling backpack with wheels. Should pay attention to whether the strap is tough enough, and whether the stitching of the travel bag is defective.

Tips of Travel Bags Shopping
Choose well-known merchants and brands. Generally, big travel backpack pay more attention to details, the color matching is appropriate, the stitching is neat, the stitch length is uniform, there is no thread exposed, the fabric is flat and flawless, there is no bubbling, no exposed burrs, and the metal accessories are shiny. Choose well-known merchants and brands to have better after-sale protection.

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Check the label identification. Products produced by regular manufacturers should be marked with product name, product standard number, specification model, material, production unit name and address, inspection mark, contact phone number, etc.

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