Travel on a Budget?

When I just showed my pictures with a Matein travel backpack on my facebook about the beautiful scenery of the places I visited, some of my friends left comments like “you are rich. I don’t have enough money” or “I envy you and I don’t have time to travel.”Seriously? Who knows how long I have saved money for this journey, and it seems like I have not had a real holiday this year.

To be frank, travel consumes time and money. I believe you have read plenty of blogs, which tell you how to save money and travel around the world. Many budget travelers travel the world on the cheap and have plenty of tips to share about traveling on a budget. While there are many ways to save money and travel on budget. Saving tips that will help you save enough. But those saving tips may do people a great disservice.

The most popular saving tips must be to catch the early flight, which is arranged at your regular sleep time. Budget airlines, however, charge a fee for checking a bag based on weight, so the more your bag weighs, the more you will have to pay to check it at the gate. It is impossible to take some essentials or souvenirs for travelers.

Travel on a Budget?

I highly recommend you guys save money on gears like shoes and backpack. Don’t misread my advice. It doesn’t mean that you should buy cheap shoes or a backpack. I refer to find good quality gears at a reasonable price.

Most of the travel gears with brands are very expensive. I just show that the price of those backpacks or shoes includes its brand reputation which charges you. Instead of buying a famous but expensive backpack, why not choose Matein backpack

You absolutely can choose to embark on a journey of exciting adventures for as little money as possible. Never try to skimp on everything because you’ll end up not having a very enjoyable travel experience. Or you could save money on your daily life and enjoy your affordable holiday. 

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@ANN Thank you for your great support and suggestion. We will continue to improve our product :)


Hi, greetings and hope you are all well and safe during these challenging days. I really enjoy my Matein backpack and am planning to buy more for family members. I imagine suggestions for changes/additions aren’t practical at this time, but wanted to suggest one “improvement” on your great designs: a light (gray? silver?) interior color. The black lining makes it difficult to locate things quickly. Thanks very much!


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