Whar to Wear for Summer Running?

1. Professional running shoes
Running shoes are the first necessity for running. Professional running shoes are light, moderately soft and hard, and have a certain cushioning function. However, you can also use sports shoes with the above functions when exercising.

Whar to Wear for Summer Running?

It is recommended to wear running shoes with cushioning and support stability, but the choice depends on the individual's foot type, some people are eversion or pronation. Also choose according to weight, for example, if you are overweight, you can choose running shoes with good support performance.

2. Running clothing
In summer, we can choose quick-drying vests or T-shirts. Clothes made of this fabric can wick and breathe, and won't stick to your skin due to sweat. Never wear a cotton T-shirt, because your clothes will stick to your body after sweating. If the weather is a little bit cooler, it is easy to catch cold. When choosing shorts, you can choose running shorts made of polyester and other fabrics to help evaporate water.

3. Exercise heart rate watch
Sports watch is essential for running, you can also open the mobile phone exercise software to record. The function of recording and monitoring various data during exercise can always understand your exercise intensity and physical condition. This is a must for those who want to participate in marathon and trail runners.

Whar to Wear for Summer Running?

4. Anti-sweat band or sports turban
Anti-sweat bands and sports turbans should also be essential items for running, because they can prevent sweat from entering the eyes and not affecting your vision.

5. Running sports glasses
When you run in the summer, the sun will be particularly strong. Sports glasses can prevent light stimulation, allowing the eyes to see the road clearly. It can also prevent flying insects and foreign objects from getting into the eyes. When running, you must not affect the line of sight, and create a safe running environment.

6. Arm bag and waist bag
When running, we have some things that need to be carried, such as mobile phones or money and bus cards and so on. The mobile phone arm bag is more portable to carry and will not become a burden, but if you have more things, you can choose to carry a waist bag. In fact, it will not affect the speed and effect of running at all, and some waist bag can also put a water bottle on it. Everyone chooses mobile phone sports bags according to your needs.

7. Reflective objects
If you like to run at night, you must pay attention to sticking some reflective objects on your clothes, or wear reflective clothes. This can avoid accidents with bad light at night. You must pay special attention to safety when running at night.

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