What are some things that you carry in your gym duffle bag?

Many newcomers to fitness will find that they realize that need to buy a sport duffle bag or smart backpack after a period of fitness, which can put some things they need. So what should they bring? The following are recommended things:

1. Sealed plastic bag
You can use plastic bags to separate sweaty clothes from other items in the gym bag. You can also use these sealed plastic bags to keep your toiletries or underwear. If you accidentally get injured while exercising, you can put ice cubes in a plastic bag for ice compress.

2. Sportswear clothing
Many gyms or health clubs will provide changing rooms and personal belongings boxes. You can bring your sportswear and change into sportswear suitable for sports in the gym. The choice of sportswear can be determined according to your own fitness plan. Girls must remember to bring their own sports bra.

3. Sports shoes
Having a pair of suitable shoes when doing fitness in the gym is very helpful for fitness. If you have heavy lifting or squat, deadlift and other heavy weight training, you can put on comfortable sports shoes. You can also bring slippers to use when bathing in the gym or health club.

What are some things that you carry in your gym duffle bag?
4. Hair band or antiperspirant band
It is inevitable that you will sweat a lot when you are doing fitness exercises in the gym. Many fitness friends have this experience that the sweat dripping from the face or head will flow to the face or eyes. So we need antiperspirant band.

5. Towel
We need to choose soft, comfortable, absorbent and antibacterial towels to put in your convertible duffle bag. People will sweat a lot when they are working out, so bring a towel to wipe off the sweat from your body in time. After wiping off the sweat from the body and the palms of your hands, you can better use the next fitness equipment.

6. Water cup
It is essential to bring a cup of water to replenish in time. It can help you hydrated faster.
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7. Emergency medicine
In the gym, you will inevitably encounter some bumps. We need some emergency medicines, such as band-aids, iodine, bandages, portable ice packs and so on.

8. Other fitness accessories
When exercising in the gym, we need some fitness accessories to assist and cooperate with us in some fitness actions. For example, fitness gloves can help us catch the fitness equipment well. Sport anti-skid magnesium paste can help us reduce sweat on our palms; We can bring knee pads to prevent injure when we are doing squat.

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