What are the advantages of backpack zippers of different materials?

The zipper is one of the very important accessories of the secure travel backpack, which is directly related to the service life of the backpack. Backpack zippers are divided into different types according to different properties.

According to the material classification, they can be divided into three types: resin zippers, nylon zippers, and metal zippers. Next, Matein will explain the difference between these three types of zippers.

What are the advantages of backpack zippers of different materials?

1. Resin zipper
Features: The resin zipper has tough texture, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and colorful colors. It is applicable to a wide temperature range. In addition, because the upper and lower planes of the chain teeth have a larger area, it is beneficial to inlay diamonds or gems on the plane, making the zipper more beautiful and luxurious, and becoming a practical craft ornament.

Disadvantages: Due to the large size of the chain teeth, there is a sense of roughness, and the lightness of the zipper is slightly worse than that of other types of zippers of the same type (nylon zippers, metal zippers).

2. Nylon zipper
Features: The nylon zipper is soft, the surface is smooth, and the color is bright and colorful. The most prominent features are light weight, thinner teeth, and flexibility. Among them, the waterproof zipper is also a branch of the nylon zipper. It is a nylon zipper with some special treatments: PVC film, TPU film, waterproof agent soaked, coated waterproof zipper and so on.

Disadvantages: Polyester monofilament is easy to age, and its application range for high and low temperatures is narrow.

3. Metal zipper
Features: durable, soft, elegant and solemn.

Disadvantages: The chain teeth are easier to fall off and shift than other types of zippers. Due to the high price of raw materials, they are more expensive than other types of zippers. Among them, aluminum zippers are a bit weaker than copper zippers of the same type. But after surface treatment, it has the decorative properties of imitating copper and multi-color. Because the price is lower than that of copper, its selling price has a certain competitive advantage.

What are the advantages of backpack zippers of different materials?
The quality of the travel laptop backpack zipper is not only related to the quality of the backpack, but the matching of the appropriate zipper with the backpack style has the finishing touch. Therefore, whether it is buying or customizing a backpack, everyone must be careful not to ignore the zipper selection.

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i am looking for a good zipper for a backpack need to take the weather and abuse of a backpack size to the length i need at this time is unknown, can it curve around the pack to it in the design stages at this time too

jennifer white

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