What backpacks do you suggest for 6th grade?

Now there are more and more exercise books and textbooks and need to put in the smart backpack.The homework of each subject is heavy. It is hoped that children will practice doing exercises in many aspects, so it is impossible to avoid carry the workbooks on the body.

What backpacks do you suggest for 6th grade?

Other things are scattered and account for part of the weight: some children's schoolbags also have small fans, water bottles, lunch boxes, tableware, tissues, massagers and other supplies, which are rich in variety and versatile.

One teacher said: "It's especially obvious for the students in the lower grades. They put everything in their schoolbags, including art tools, music equipment, and various small toys. Almost all the books for class are put in their schoolbags. Everyday carry."

Three suggestions for carry backpacks scientifically:
1. The weight of the schoolbag is controlled within 10% of the body weight.
Controlling the weight of schoolbags is our first concern. Keep the weight of the children's schoolbags within 10% of the children's weight. For example, if a child is 60 kilograms, it is better not to carry more than 6 kilograms.

2. Use auxiliary waist belts.
When students are carrying their schoolbags, the straps of the schoolbags should be as long as possible to maintain a low carrying state. The center of gravity of the bag is maintained at the waist, which is more conducive to the health of primary school students. It is more meaningful for the sixth grade students to use the auxiliary schoolbag belt, because the growth and development of students at this age group has changed, and the muscle growth is not as fast as the bone growth. If the auxiliary schoolbag belt is used at the waist, it is beneficial to growth and development.

3. Wear soft-soled shoes to avoid root bone damage.
The heavier the student backpack, the unstable center of gravity and the increased pressure on the arch of the foot. In order to avoid children's root bone damage, we can choose soft-soled shoes to reduce the risk.

What backpacks do you suggest for 6th grade?


Four suggestions for scientifically selecting backpacks:

1. Choose a backpack with wider shoulder straps and back support, and you can also choose a wheeled backpack according to your needs. The distance between the bottom of the back of the schoolbag and the waist should be no less than 10cm.

2. The schoolbag fabric should not have silver powder or decoration which is easy to fall. Choose schoolbags with well-printed, clear and bright colors.

3. Need to choose safe, odor-free fabrics. The fabric needs to be light, breathable and durable. When choosing a school bag, pay attention to cadmium, lead, and other heavy gold elements not to exceed the standard.

4. Choose a backpack with reflective strips. Reflective Stripe is easy to find and protect your bookbag, so you can see your backpack in a crowded place or at night.

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