What Bags Style to Choose According to your Body Shape?

I believe that every girl has a lot of beautiful bags and school laptop backpacks. In fact, the type of handbag you choose has the ability to shape or destroy the appearance. Choosing the right handbag has more relationships with size and shape than you think!

What Bags Style to Choose According to your Body Shape?

First, you need to understand your body shape. There are five body types:
1.If your shoulders are wider than your hips, you have an inverted triangle shape.
2.If your waist and shoulders are narrower than your hips, your body shape is pear-shaped.
3.If your shoulders, waist and hips are the same size, you are rectangular.
4.If your waist is larger than your shoulders and hips, you have an apple shape.
5.If your shoulders and hips are balanced with a narrow waist, your hourglass shape.

According to your body shape, we suggest that you choose the type of bags properly.

1. Inverted triangle shape body
Bags you can buy long straps bags so your bag can be placed on or against the hips. So whether you like a satchel, a shoulder bag or a messenger bag, you can use them as long as you have long enough strap.
Avoid choosing short strap bags and clutches.

2. Pear-shaped body
If you don’t want to look thicker from the waist down, you should keep the focus on your shoulders and chest. You only need to pay attention to the length of the strap. Your bag should not be below the waistline. You can choose shoulder bag and bucket bag.

crossbody bag|crossbody purse|shoulder bags for women
Avoid carrying bags with long straps, loose bags, or bags that fall on your hips, including messenger bags and waist bags, because they will attract the eyes of others to your hips. The same goes for small bags, because they make you look bigger than you actually are.

3. Rectangular diagram
You need to add curves to the shape to compensate for your sharp figure, which is why the design and materials of the handbag are important to you. You can choose a clutch under your arm, or you can choose an irregular Hobo bag scattered on your shoulders, which will create a sense of size and bending. Keep the length of the strap so your bag falls around the hips. There are also soft leather and oversized handbags, tote bags for women and hobo bags.

4. Apple-shaped body
What you want to do is to remove the emphasis on the middle part to create the illusion of a smaller waist.
we suggest you don’t use long shoulder straps. Hard leather handbags and top handle bags are perfect for you.
Avoid carrying sling or crossbody bags, as they tend to stick out of the middle when carry on the body. Similarly, small bags are not allowed because they can make you look bigger than you really are.

5. Hourglass shape
The hourglass-shaped body is considered a good choice for any type of bag, because usually everything looks good. But you still need to remember that when you choose your bag size still needs to be proportional. If you are pettie or shorter women, oversized bags are not suitable for you.
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