What can I fit in a travel backpack?

Generally speaking,What will you fit in a best travel backpack when traveling?

best travel backpack

A.Important things to carry around:

The important items that you carry with your body are the most important items for travel, and should be placed in your own travel backpack. These items include:

1.Cash (not too much in one person’s backpack);

2.Credit cards (credit cards should be stored centrally in the wallet);

3.ID card (recommending to be kept in the wallet, and kept separately for husband and wife and children);

4.Passport (must be brought when traveling abroad);

5.Visa procedures (must be brought when traveling abroad);

6.Driver's license (must be brought when traveling by car) ;

7.Insurance policy (car insurance policy, it is better to buy travel insurance and carry the insurance policy);

8.Air ticket or bus ticket (unless you book an e-ticket, you must bring the ticket);

9.Itinerary (if you travel abroad by yourself and there’re more than one destination, visa on arrival is essential);

10.Phone book (the phone book should be include all departments’phone no. of travel agencies, complaint departments, emergency centers, insurance companies, etc.)

11.Travel order (written contract or other materials signed with the travel agency);

12.Map (the map of the travel destination is very important for free travel);

13.House key.

14.Notepad and pen (it is necessary to bring a small notebook to jot down some memos).

matein backpack

 B.Items to be carried in a small suitcase

1.Travel wash bag(for women’s cosmetics, make-up, tissues, mirrors, combs, hair clips, small cotton swabs,sunscreen, sunglasses, umbrellas,etc.);

2.Electronic supplies (electronic supplies should not be placed in the checked luggage,such as laptops, chargers, mobile phones and chargers, earphones, etc.);

3.Photographic equipment (digital cameras, video cameras, data cables, chargers, batteries, memory cards, magnetic tapes, waterproof plastic bags.actually mobile phone is enough to take photos now for amateur photographer);

4.Medicines, bringing some essential medicines if needed;

5.Food (It is necessary to bring some convenience foods when traveling, such as water, biscuits, beef jerky, instant noodles, chocolate, fruit and something you like );

 C.Items that can be checked in or put into the back of the car

1.Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, facial cleanser, towel, shampoo, conditioner, gel water mask, moisturizing spray, liquid laundry, nail clippers, plastic bags, etc.);

2.Clothes (change of underwear, coat, warm clothes or summer clothes, slippers, swimming suit, swimming goggles, spare shoes, socks, drying racks, small clips, etc.);

3.other items (Swiss army knife, bright flashlight, windproof lighter, whistle, rope, tableware, spare large travel backpack, etc.)

What can I fit in a travel backpack?

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