What is a no-fly list?

You can take almost anything on the plane. You can even bring some flammable liquids, things that make fire, and some sharp objects. You can't bring explosives and detonators on the plane. This may be obvious, but there are some things that are not static. Here is a checklist to help you decide what to leave.

What is a no-fly list

Most flammable liquids

Flammable liquids such as gasoline, propane and most aerosols are left behind. Do you want to go hiking in remote areas? Before you go into the wild, you must get things like cooking fuel and lighter oil at your destination. Rubber cement, spray paint, cooking spray and WD-40 are other common items that cannot be brought on board.

The Transportation Security Administration makes an exception for personal care products, so you can pack hairspray, spray deodorant, perfume, nail polish, and other toiletries. Carry items must not exceed 3.4 ounces, and all items must be packed in a quart-sized zippered plastic bag. If you put it in your checked luggage, the total amount of liquid you carry with you cannot exceed 68 ounces. Each container cannot exceed 17 fluid ounces.

Most things that can make a fire

You can bring a lighter in your carry-on luggage, as long as it is disposable or has a lining that can absorb any flammable liquid or gas, such as Zippo. In other words, the shape of the lighter cannot resemble a gun or other weapons. Chef flashlights, utility flashlights and mini flashlights cannot be carried or checked in.

You can bring up to two more lighters in your checked baggage, provided you have a special sealed travel container approved by the Ministry of Transportation. Zippo, Prometheus and Colibri are all examples of DOT travel.

Most things that explode

If an item is likely to explode or make a lot of noise in flight, you must leave it behind. Teddy bears, flares, fireworks, gunpowder and grenades are all on the list. Your self-inflating avalanche secure travel backpack must be left behind, but you can bring your self-inflating life jacket. Even if there is no explosion, such as realistic explosives or incendiary bombs, you cannot get on the plane.

Items you can carry: guns, flare guns, BB guns, compressed air guns and ammunition that you have not unloaded, provided they are properly placed in your checked luggage. However, please check with the airline for details, as some airlines may ban some of these items.

What is a no-fly list

Gas-producing substances

No, we are not talking about leaving your spouse at home, but the US Transportation Security Administration recommends that you ask the flight attendants before creating any smoke that may interfere with nearby passengers. You should leave self-defense sprays containing more than 2% tear gas at home. In addition, you can also pack a 4 ounce bottle of pepper spray or wolf spray in your checked luggage, provided that it has a safety device to prevent it from being released during the flight.

Sharp objects are usually ok

Put your ice axes, swords, utility knives, pocket knives, meat cleavers, saws, hammers, darts, and any sharp items you want to take on your trip into your checked bag. Just make sure they are safely wrapped in your checked luggage.

You can even bring some sharp things in your carry-on luggage. Both nail clippers and tweezers are fine, as are disposable razors with non-detachable blades. Go ahead, take your knitting needles and knit that Afghan doll on the plane. Just make sure that the scissors you cut the yarn are less than 4 inches from the fulcrum and have a round tip. If you are brave, put a knife in your carry-on luggage. Make sure it is a plastic knife or a round butter knife, otherwise it will be confiscated.


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