What is the best brand of the backpack for travel?

What is the best brand of best travel backpack?
When choosing a travel backpack, the following 5 brand recommendations from the perspectives of appearance and practicality might be worthy of your time.

Top 5 Jansport

The founders of Jansport are three American students. It has become a popular backpack in the United States and is more popular among students. The main models are T501 and TDN7. Among them, T501 is a classic model with an online appearance. It has a simple flap front pocket with a square logo cloth label sewn on the top, which is simple and concise. However, the design of the inner bag is extremely simple, just a single big bag. This has become the biggest shortcoming criticized by many people.

Top 4 Dickies

DICKIES focuses on the American classic tooling style. It is not as famous as Jansport. It is another simple classic in the American brand. The color design of general high-value brands is pure colors. The fabric is made of polyester fiber, which is characterized by durability and water repellency. There are computer pockets, card pockets, and zipper pockets in the internal space, all with basic functions. Except for the good looks, there are no other outstanding features. The style is well-regulated. If you like simple ones, you can look for them.


FJALLRAVEN, a Swedish brand, is a very simple, but very attractive brand. It is a square classic student backpack with one feature and high value. The functional design is relatively simple. The shoulder strap is designed with a webbing strap, which is very casual and durable. The disadvantage is that it is relatively thin, about the width of a dollar coin. It is not suitable for carrying too many things. People who have used it agree that the backpack is easy to get dirty. Once dirty, it looks like an old bag, and the backpack cannot be washed completely. FJALLRAVEN’s suggestion is to wax the backpack after a simple cleaning. The luster of the wax surface will make the backpack look newer, and at the same time increase the waterproof function, which seems very troublesome.

Top2: Everlane

The American brand is a rare brand in the United States that focuses on minimalist style, with all-in-one simple design of clothing, shoes, and bags. The design of the Everlane backpack reveals an elegant style of literature and art, with a high value. The color is plain, the lines are very simple. With the application of canvas fabric, the overall texture has been improved. It is a good choice for the minimalist style. The front pocket design of the Everlane backpack does not have a headcover, and the front pocket is the most frequently opened component of the entire backpack. The headless design is much more convenient to use than the one with a headcover, but the design without a headcover is a test of beauty.

Top1 Matein

What is the best brand of a backpack for travel? Matein, as the best-selling brand on amazon, aim to provide the best business  travel backpack has gained great popularity. It is lightweight, ergonomic, stylish, and functional. The padding in the shoulder straps and the back are ventilated and soft, which offers extra comfort and back support to ease the stress to your body. Especially when you are going to carry this backpack for consecutive hours. This backpack is also very functional to store all your school supplies. The pockets and compartments are designed to fit your various sizes of books and small essentials.

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