What is the difference between sports waist bag and arm bag?

Many people like to bring a best business laptop backpack when going out for work, a large travel backpack for traveling, and a sports waist bag or arm bag for running. Different activities carry bag with different functions. So what is the difference between a sports waist bag and an arm bag?
What is the difference between sports waist bag and arm bag?

1. Different wearing positions
Sports waist bag is a kind of bag fixed at the waist. The waist bag has a small volume, and the shape of the waist bag has changed with the functional requirements of the waist bag. Many sellers have changed the shape of the original waist bag. The waist bag is often made of leather, synthetic fiber, printed denim and so on. The arm bag is worn on the arm.

2. Different capacities
The capacity of waist bag and arm bag are very small, but relatively speaking, the capacity of sports waist bag is slightly larger than that of sports arm bag.

3. Different uses
Sports arm bags include running arm bags, cycling arm bags, fishing arm bags, swimming arm bags, climbing arm bags, fitness arm bags, etc., while sports waist bags are generally used for tourism and outdoor sports.

What is the difference between sports waist bag and arm bag?

4. Different functions
Relatively speaking, the functionality of runninning waist bag will be stronger. If you need to run a long distance, you need to replenish water, some hot topic bags will have a water bottle holder in addition to the mobile phone. Those who run a marathon will be more suitable.

The arm bag is lighter, so a relatively short jog is enough. But according to my personal experience, the arm bag will be uncomfortable when the arm is tightened, it will fall off when it is loose, and it will easily scratch the skin.

So, which is better for running waist bag or arm bag? If it is used in the gym, the arm bag should be good.

1. The most important thing to use in the gym is safety. The arm is wrapped on the arm to ensure safety within the scope of realization.
2. The arm bag has little effect on the movement compared to the waist bag during the exercise of equipment and free power.
3. The gym exercises vigorously and sweats more. If the waist bag is tied to the waist, it is not good for perspiration and also affects the state of exercise.

If it is used outdoors, it is a good to use sport waist bag.
1. Outdoor sports, mountain climbing, bicycles and other sports equipment needs to be firm enough to carry mobile phones, and the waist bag is just enough.
2. The arms are frequently used outdoors, sometimes crawling or grasping. The arm pack can hinder frequent use of the arm. There may also be the risk of the phone falling due to rubbing. The waist bag does not have these problems, allowing people to be more flexible in during outdoor activites.

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