What is the ideal size of a backpack for high school?

Can a student backpack be compared with a large travel backpack? The answer is no. Travel backpacks are much larger than student backpacks. A good school backpack is essential. Of course, you want stylish books, but it is also important that the bag is the correct size. So, how big should a schoolbag actually be? What kind of schoolbag is suitable for high school students?

Do you ride a bicycle to school? If needed, choose a school bag with a ventilated padding back to keep your back cool. If you use a tablet or laptop at school, please choose a backpack with a tablet or laptop compartment to prevent scratches.

What is the ideal size of a backpack for high school?
If your textbooks are heavy, you need to choose a comfortable backpack. For extra comfort, choose a school bag with padded shoulder straps and hip or chest belts. It is useful if the school bag has multiple compartments so that you can keep all your things organized.

So, what size backpack do you need?
1. Small student backpack: 15-20 liters
Can you put books to your locker? Or just a few classes a day? Maybe you use a tablet or laptop more often. A school backpack with a capacity between 15 and 20 liters is large enough. These backpacks are very compact, but often have extra compartments to store your calculators, pens and keys. There are also many small backpacks with compartments for laptops and tablets.

2. Medium: 21 to 30 liters
In a semester, do you often need to bring a lot of textbooks to school? In such days, you will soon endure more than you think. A school backpack of 21 to 30 liters is suitable for you. This is the most common size for backpacks. The bag has enough space, but does not exceed the required size. Most school backpacks have several small pockets. Therefore, you do not need to search for pens or keys for a long time. A multi compartment backpack can keep your things organized.
What is the ideal size of a backpack for high school?
3. Large: 31 to 40 liters
If you need to take folders, a laptop, a super thick dictionary and other books in different textbooks, a school laptop backpack of 31 liters or more is suitable for you. Pay attention to your back when carrying so many items. First, you can choose a backpack with a chest strap and padded shoulder straps so you can carry the backpack comfortably. In addition, back ventilation can keep your back cool when carrying a heavy backpack.
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