What material to choose when choosing a trolley suitcase?

Trolley suitcases can be divided into two categories according to their materials: hard cases and soft cases such as backpack with wheels.

①Hard trolley suitcase: The trolley suitcase is made of hard material, with the advantages of compression resistance, impact resistance and strong protection. The disadvantage is that it is heavy.

②Soft case: The texture of the case is relatively soft, with the advantages of light weight, strong toughness and exquisite appearance. The disadvantage is that it is not as good as a hard trolley suitcase in terms of waterproof, compression and impact resistance. It is more suitable for short-distance travel or as a carry-on suitcase.

What material to choose when choosing a trolley suitcase?

At present, the common hard case materials on the market are ABS, PP, PC, thermoplastic composite materials, etc., and the soft case materials are Oxford cloth, canvas, PU leather, nylon, EVA, leather, etc.

Below we mainly introduce the most commonly used materials:

1.ABS material

In recent years, relatively new and popular materials have lighter weight and more flexible surface than other materials. It doesn't feel strong to the touch. In fact, it is very flexible, rigid, impact-resistant, not easy to be deformed, and the shell is strong and not easy to break. IIt‘s ok for an average adult to stand on the trolley suitcases. It can effectively protect the built-in items and is more convenient to clean. The disadvantages are the high price, heavy weight and inconvenience to carry. Generally, there are no small ones, but large ones' price is also much higher than that of Oxford cloth and Artificial leather PU material. It's easy to be scratches.


This material is much stronger than ABS. Drop resistance, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, waterproof, stylish, smooth surface and it's hard to be scratches.. The disadvantage is also obvious: the trolley suitcasesare heavier, many of which are about 10 kg. But many airlines are limited to 20 kg, which means that the weight of the trolley suitcases accounts for half of the weight.

3.Thermoplastic composites

It has the characteristics of moisture-proof and pressure-proof, so even if it rains or snows, you don't have to worry about the items in the trolley suitcases getting wet. And because of the material, the trolley suitcase itself does not have a great degree of expansion. It is suitable for storing valuables such as camcorders and cameras. In case the trolley suitcaseis impacted by external forces, the contents in the trolley suitcase will not be easily damaged.

4. Oxford cloth

This one is similar to nylon. It looks the same in appearance and is difficult to distinguish among many luggages. The advantage is that it is wear-resistant and practical, even after several years.


This material is not very common for rolling backpacks, the biggest advantage is wear resistance. The color of this material is very uniform, and some of the surface may be brighter, and it looks good after buying it. However, after a period of use, it may appear old. In addition, its impact resistance is not as good as Oxford cloth.

6. Cowhide

From a price perspective, cowhide is the most expensive. From a performance point of view, they need to be kept properly because they are afraid of water, abrasion, pressure, and scratches. Of course, the texture of the cowhide trolley case is very good.

What material to choose when choosing a trolley suitcase?

7. Artificial leather PU material

The advantage of this kind of luggage is that it looks like cowhide but the price is much lower than that of real leather. The appearance is high-grade, not afraid of water. The disadvantage is that the wear resistance is relatively poor and not strong enough.

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