What should I pack shoes for travling?

Shoes are essential and may be the heaviest item in the large travel backpack. Therefore, it is very important to choose lightweight travel shoes and pack them to save space without soiling the value of the entire travel suit. Here are some suggestions for your reference:

1. Bring no more than three pairs of shoes. Professionals say there should be two. But for longer trips or to places with variable weather, you can choose three. If the destination is warm, it is best to bring sandals, slippers and canvas shoes. If the destination is colder, you can bring canvas shoes, sneakers and boots. Don't forget to bring comfortable socks.

What should I pack shoes for travling?

2. Choose a travel palette. The easiest way to match the clothes in the suitcase is to choose a neutral color shoes. You can choose ruby ​​or Kelly green flat shoes. Just make sure you can match them with multiple clothes.

3. Please do not pack brand new shoes. Although some travelers say that they can wear high-quality walking shoes out of the box, it is unwise to use them for adventure. You can pick some shoes that are about to be thrown. This can reduce the presure of luggage when comming back. Clothes work too. Certain shoes, such as sequined shoes, should not be worn at the airport. These types of shoes are likely to be damaged at some point and the decorations are easy to fall off.

What should I pack shoes for travling?

4. Choose some shoes that are easy to clean. During the journey, your shoes will inevitably become dirty. Therefore, shoes with complicated cleaning instructions should not be worn at the airport.

5. Choose shoes according to the type of travel. If you just want to relax and not participate in manual labor, you do not need to bring running shoes or hiking boots. If you need to go climbing, you can choose hiking boots. If you need to go to a dance party or go out for a delicious dinner and drink, then you will need a pair of fancy shoes. Stick to black shoes because they will match every piece of clothing you own.

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