What should you pack in your hand luggage?

You will need to be ruthless in deciding what to pack in your hand luggage or smart backpackThe aim is to carry as few things as possible and to buy what can be found locally when possible. Although clothing and toiletries are obviously needed, there are several ways to simplify the packing list. 

What should you pack in your hand luggage

First, stick with the concept of a capsule wardrobe -- essentially, a small number of components that work together to coordinate the production of multiple garments. Secondly, wear any heavy things you need, such as coats, jeans, hoodies, boots, shoes and belts to lighten the baggage load.  All but the heaviest items should be light, easy to care for and wrinkle-resistant.

You can also use your coat pocket to carry heavier items to the boat and transfer them to your bag (such as cell phone chargers, cameras, and books). Since laptops and laptops add a lot of weight, especially if you have more than one item and multiple chargers, pay attention. You can use a travel laptop backpack to carry your laptop. Can you download all the guides, readings, and other entertainment content onto one device? If you travel for only a few days, you may not even need larger items.

What should you pack in your hand luggage

The pocket also facilitates the storage of travel documents, such as passport, ticket, travel insurance, driving license and money, and keeps them safely with you.

Of course, the longer the trip, the more ideas you'll need, but make sure you pack everything you need -- and if you don't, don't pack.In most places, if you really need to forget something, you can buy something easily and quickly.

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