What should you pack when camping for the first time?

Ⅰ Bring suitble clothes in your large travel backpack

1. Underwear: Underwear is used to wick away sweat. Wearing the wrong underwear will make you drenched all over. So choose a special outdoor sweat-wicking underwear, which can effectively conduct body sweat and keep it dry. Most of the daily underwear is pure cotton. But pure cotton clothing will absorb water and take away body heat when it evaporates. Once sweating a lot, it is easy to catch a cold and fever when outdoors, or even lose the temperature. When camping, daily cotton underwear should be rejected.

2. Warm clothing: large temperature difference in mountainous areas. Even if the temperature in the city is high, the temperature in the mountains may make you feel cold. It is wise to bring more clothes.

3. Outerwear: Outerwear is clothing that resists wind and rain. Without an outerwear you will tremble in the wind and rain. Outdoor outerwear includes soft shell and hard shell, which can meet the requirements of warmth, windproof and waterproof in mountainous areas.

4. Raincoat: Raincoat is spare rainproof clothing. Even if the sky is clear when you leave, it may rain in the mountains. You can put a raincoat in your backpack. Because raincoats have no moisture permeability, they can also keep warm in wind and rain.

What should you pack when camping for the first time?

5. Hiking shoes and socks: Professional hiking shoes and socks can protect the feet and prevent blisters. If you wear everyday sports shoes and cotton socks, your feet will be full of blisters after walking in the wild. It's important to choose professional hiking shoes and socks.

Ⅱ Necessary equipment

1. Sunscreen: Sunscreen protects your skin from tanning.

2. Backpack: To go camping, you have to carry a lot of things, so you need a specially designed backpack. If you do not have a hiking backpack, you may need to take a few bags to pack everything. Not having a carry on backpack will be very tired and inconvenient.

3. Headlights: Headlights are equipment that can illuminate while walking. Without headlights, you can only use your mobile phone for lighting. The headlight is light in weight and can be used when the hands are occupied, such as taking care of cooking while looking for ingredients. You can also walk with trekking poles while seeing the road conditions ahead.

4. Trekking pole: Trekking pole is a kind of equipment to help outdoor walking. Trekking poles can hold your body balanced when walking long distances outdoors. If you don't have trekking poles, you will lose balance easily. Some hikers will use branches instead of trekking poles, which is wrong. Not only does it destroy the vegetation, but it also cannot replace trekking pole.

5. Water bag: Water bag is a convenient device for drinking water. You can drink water while walking and keep your body hydrated at all times. If you do not bring a water bag, you have to stop and look for a kettle every time you drink water, which will waste time and energy.

Ⅲ Camp Equipment

1. Stoves and tableware: Stoves are utensils you use for cooking outdoors, allowing you to have a good meal after a day of fatigue. If there is no stove, you can only eat compressed biscuits when camping. Remember to bring tableware when camping. Don't use branches as tableware. The branches are not hygienic and environmentally friendly.

What should you pack when camping for the first time?

4. Tent: In severe weather, a tent can provide shelter for climbers. If you don't have a good tent, you can't sleep well all night. For camping activities, tent is comfortable and reliable for you.

5. Sleeping pad: Sleeping pad can effectively block cold ground. If you don't have a sleeping pad, your body's heat will be lost, and you may wake up from freezing at night.

6. Sleeping bag: Sleeping when camping outdoors, in order to solve the problem of warmth, besides sleeping pads, sleeping bags is also the important gear. Because the sleeping bag is a warming device that you put on your body. The sleeping bag itself does not produce heat, but the body is producing heat. The sleeping bag just reduces heat loss. So try to choose a thick and fluffy sleeping bag. However, due to weight considerations, we recommend choosing lightweight and warm down sleeping bags.

What should you pack when camping for the first time?
Finally, don't forget to bring garbage bags. Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment.

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