What style of briefcase?

Brief case originated in the 14th century. The original briefcases were made of cast iron frames and were mostly used by nobles to place valuables. Many styles have been developed so far, and they have also become popular items with a high penetration rate.

1.Attache Cases
The most classic briefcase is undoubtedly Attache Cases, which can often be seen by old-school gentlemen in movies. The design of the briefcase is a bit like a small suitcase. It is made of leather and aluminum frames, which can protect documents from bending and deformation. However, due to its heavy weight, the current penetration rate is not very high.

What style of briefcase?

2.Top Frame Briefcase
Top Frame Briefcase, the top is frame-type opening and closing, the overall design is very strong and stylish, and the capacity is large, it is very convenient to carry medical tools when going out, so it was highly respected by doctors in the early days, also known as "doctor bag". It's more suitable for business retro wear.

What style of briefcase?
3.Top Zip Leather Briefcase
As the name suggests, the top of this type of business briefcase is opened and closed with a zipper, and the color style is not as serious as the previous types. Some of them will add a cross-body strap to enhance the practicality. Almost all major brands cover this type. It's also a more common style on the street, suitable for business casual style.

What style of briefcase?

4.Flap Over Briefcase
Clamshell briefcases are more common nowadays. They all use a clamshell design. Many retro styles belong to this type, such as the popular Cambridge bag. The leather of the flip briefcase is usually softer, and the version design is mostly casual or business, daily and practical, so the current penetration rate in the market is relatively high.

What style of briefcase?
Portfolio are generally without handles (the ones with handles are called "Folio") and need to be clamped under the armpit or held in the hand. If the travel is only a small amount of documents, keys, change and other odds and ends, the Portfolio is a good choice.

What style of briefcase?

 Matein business briefcase recommendation

What style of briefcase?
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