What to Pack For A Day Hike?

If you plan to spend a day with friends or family, it is important to bring all the hiking necessities to ensure comfort and safety. The items needed for hiking vary with distance and time. This hiking equipment list is designed to provide a solid foundation for those planning to hike five to ten hours a day.What to Pack For A Day Hike

What should I bring for a day of hike?

You don’t want to take a big travel backpack up the mountain. Similarly, a clutch is of little use, so choose a normal-sized backpack or backpack according to how much you want to bring.
Hiking clothes
Yes, clothes! This is a good idea, isn't it? Obviously, the weather on the day will make you wear whatever you want, although you will never regret bringing some extra clothes "just in case".
If the temperature drops or the wind is strong, it is best to bring a wool or hoodie. In addition, hats, gloves, neck protectors and sunglasses are always wise choices!
Portable charger
No one wants to be stuck on a hiking trail without batteries and any clues. So avoid disasters wisely and carry a portable phone charger with you so that you won’t be completely disconnected from the network when you need help.
This suggestion may sound ridiculous, because most of the year in the UK is cloudy or rainy, but even on days without sunlight, you can get sunburned. At high altitudes, this possibility increases significantly, so anyone who hikes should wear sunscreen-don't forget your face!-even in winter just in case.
No one likes to be entangled with bugs all day long, so plan ahead and prepare insect repellent spray to keep them away from you. In illegal invasion, we even provide insect repellent clothes!
Yes, your phone may have a flashlight. Yes, we know that you most likely plan to hike during the day. However, you can never be too safe when you are out, so it is worthwhile to bring a torch.
Duct tape
Tape, without a doubt, is the most versatile tool known to man. So how? It can be used to repair tents, hiking backpacks, jackets, boots, etc. Fun tip: some hikers also wrap tape around their water bottle to reduce its weight! This is really effective!
Emergency blanket
The favorite blanket you bring from home may be too bulky, "just in case", while the foil blanket is super light, small in size, and difficult to carry. In order to keep warm and keep out the cold, it is a must!

What is the best food for a picnic on foot?

Always start with water. You will want to stay hydrated throughout the day, so take at least 2 liters of water per bottle, depending on how long you will be outside.
Energy drink
Although water can keep you from feeling thirsty, it is also important to maintain high sugar levels, so when you feel that you are low on energy, drinking a bottle of energy juice can cheer you up.
Airless bottle
Is it water? Check. Sugary drinks? Check. Tea or coffee? Check.
Even in summer, the higher the climb, the lower the temperature, and hiking will become very cold. Therefore, when you are resting, it is best to bring a bottle of hot tea or coffee. Or you can even have soup!
Lunch box
If you drink soup from a flask, we recommend that you also eat some other foods, especially some carbohydrates to provide energy.
With or without soup, you should bring some sandwiches (they are a staple of a picnic for good reason!), and you should do more than you think you need. Preparing a salad will also provide you with enough energy and nutrition, just make sure you eat more than lettuce.
Whether it's chicken, tuna or tofu, make it bigger!
Protein bars are a great and convenient snack that can keep you energized and are usually low in calories. Compared with chocolate chip cookies, healthy choices will give you more lasting energy, even though they always sound delicious.
Waste bag
Don't litter! Be reasonable and take your garbage back.

What to Pack For A Day Hike


Urgent essentials for hiking

It is a multi-purpose necessity for any hiker. Whether you fall and soil your hands, wipe your hands clean before and after a meal, or wipe your back with a wet wipe if you naturally need it.
Spare socks
You will thank yourself for buying a pair of walking socks after a hard day's work on your feet, and now the socks are dirty and wet. Make yourself comfortable and stop catching a cold!
Trekking poles
Some first-time hikers and people who have experienced injuries (such as knee injuries) often use trekking poles to help them walk. When you come to new or difficult terrain, hiking can sometimes be daunting, because it will help you maintain balance and grip during unstable times.
Hand disinfection
Indispensable! Wet wipes can remove dirt on your hands, but hand sanitizer can refresh your hands and kill bacteria, so you'd better bring a lot of these things with you.
Post-Hike essentials
Clean clothes
Put a bag of clean clothes in your car so that you can change your clothes when needed after the hike. Don't forget the shoes, because you don't want your dirty shoes to stain your car!
Water and snacks
Save the water for the end and use your favorite snack as a little reward/energy supplement on the way home.

It may sound like a lot, but it's not—now go and enjoy your adventure!

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