What to Pack In a Carry-On Bag for the Kids?

With so many size restrictions and federal regulations, what we can bring on the plane is confusing enough, except for worrying about the appropriate equipment for our children. Here is a guide to tell children what to pack in their carry-on luggage.

What to Pack In a Carry-On Bag for the Kids

What should be put in carry-on luggage
Everyone who has a seat has a carry-on bag, and mom and dad also bring a laptop bag, a wallet or a diaper bag. Now, what have you brought?

For infant. Packing standard diaper bags to complete all the items you pack for an outing: diapers, changing pads, paper towels, diaper paste, plastic bags for dirty clothes, blankets, tissues, pacifiers, dental toys, extra clothes for change (2, for safety) , When the hat, the baby's head keeps warm, the airplane gets cold, bellyband, bottle, breast milk or formula, mother care pads, baby food, baby feeding, snacks, and several children's favorite toys. If your baby has any medicines or you are worried about getting sick, please bring medicines for your child in your carry-on luggage, including baby analgesics, antipyretics, teething medicines and gas medicines.

A child who is learning to walk. Pack a backpack (preferably one that your child can carry) your essentials, as well as toys, including accident change clothes, diapers or pull-ups, plastic bags for dirty clothes, diaper cream, snacks (if the flight is long, many children Do not eat a meal), after buying safe drinks, small books, favorite toys and your child's "baby", help them stay calm and sleep. Carry a small first aid kit with you with bandages, motion sickness medicine, antipyretics, painkillers and any prescription medicines, or your own.

What to Pack In a Carry-On Bag for the Kids

For children of school age. At this age, children can definitely carry a smart backpack or a convertible by themselves. Put your phone number and name in a prominent place on the outside of your backpack to prevent you from getting separated.In the backpack, let your child bring some favorite toys, such as crafts, video games and books, so that he has something to do on the plane. Bring a sweater in case the plane gets cold. After the security check, bring some snacks, buy some drinks, and chewing gum to help reduce ear pressure. Carry a small first aid kit with you with bandages, motion sickness medicine, antipyretics, painkillers and any prescription medicines, or your own.

For teenagers. Teenagers can and are willing to pack their own luggage, but make sure that the necessities are there and the unruly people are not. Teenagers should carry ID cards and passports with them, and cash in their wallets. Ask them to bring their own tickets and give them a copy of the itinerary in case you get separated. Their mobile phones should also be put away. Also put a copy of your insurance information in your child's carry-on luggage. Teenagers should also bring their own prescription drugs, but have aspirin and other essential drugs on hand for emergencies. Glasses and/or a spare set of contact lenses should also be brought.

For myself. Make sure you and your wallet have a bag, ID, passport, credit card, at least some small cash, air tickets, itinerary, insurance information, membership card, prescription drugs, glasses and/or a set of spare contacts, jewelry, camera, mobile phone, Chargers, books/magazines, laptops and chargers, and anything you cannot bear to lose if your luggage is lost. If you are traveling with a baby or child, you may need to bring a change of clothes, or at least a shirt, in case someone spit or accident.

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