What You Need to Know About VR

Over the years, VR seems to have been the "next frontier" in games and entertainment, but slowly, virtual reality has become more accessible, more versatile, and more attractive to more people.

If you want the best experience, virtual reality still requires considerable space. Although a park or garden may be the most spacious area you can use, VR headset manufacturers encourage you to stay indoors while playing with their devices. Tracking can be adversely affected by bright sunlight, and uneven floors can be dangerous.

What You Need to Know About VR

Free-roaming VR games allow you to move around in the digital game space. The more space you have, the better. A square of 2 m x 2 m is generally considered the smallest space requirement.

If you are just starting your VR journey, you will need a headset. There are many good choices on the market, but for most people, the best choice is Oculus Quest 2. Its biggest advantage is that it is a standalone VR headset, which means that all technologies are built into it. You don’t need a powerful PC, camera, or additional controller. Everything you need to enter a VR game is in the box.

The most notable feature of Oculus Quest 2 is its portability. Of course, you need a protective bag to keep it intact while traveling. The Matein Oculus quest 2 case uses a hard shell design to prevent your VR bag from being hit. It makes it easier for you to carry headphones with you. If you plan to take Quest 2 out of your home, this is an essential accessory.

What You Need to Know About VR
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