Where Do Dogs Sleep When Camping?

Summer is ready, and many camping enthusiasts are preparing packing large travel backpack for camping. Some people are also planning camping activities. But if you want to take the dog to the camp, where should the dog sleep?

1. The best answer is in your tent
Dogs can sleep in multiple places in the tent, including:

-on the ground
-In your sleeping bag
-On the dog bed
-In a foldable doghouse
These are good choices. Since they are all in the tent, you can better control the temperature and safety of your pet. Most importantly, your dog can reduce anxiety because he can be with you.

Where Do Dogs Sleep When Camping?

2. Camping chair or doghouse
Any good camping chair or kennel can be a good place for a dog to sleep. It is best to keep the dog in the tent with you, but as long as the dog is on a leash, the camping chair or doghouse can also be outside the tent.

Why use camping chairs? Because it can keep the dog away from the ground, it can keep the dog warm and avoid insects that may crawl on the ground. If it is a closed kennel, you can also avoid insects.

Where Do Dogs Sleep When Camping?

But putting the dog outside the tent has disadvantages. Wild animals outside the tent may attack it, or your dog may get off the leash.

Some kennels feel heavy when carrying, making it difficult to move around. There is a foldable dog crate, which is easy to transport and keep insects away from the dog while sleeping.

3. Tent vestibule
If your tent has a vestibule, the tent vestibule is the entrance to your tent. You can put the dog house or camping chair in the tent vestibule. In this way, your dog is protected from insects and most wild animals. It also saves space in your sleeping area. But the temperature is not controlled, pay attention to keep the dog warm.

Where Do Dogs Sleep When Camping?

Useful equipment for dogs while camping

1. Towel
If the weather is unstable, drying the dog with a towel and cleaning the dog's paws is a good way to reduce the odor of the tent. Similarly, dogs will be much warmer at night and can sleep comfortably.

2. Comb
Before entering the tent, combing the dog’s hair will help prevent bugs and insects from entering the tent. Make sure to focus on the abdomen and legs.

Camping with dogs is absolutely safe. But it does require some preparation and research about where you are going, but bringing the dog together with furry friends is a fun way.

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