Which is Better? 2 Wheel vs 4 Wheel Luggage

Today's luggage design is very mature, but there are still some questions about the choice of 2 wheels and 4 wheels when buying luggage or rolling backpack, especially when buying luggage for the first time, many do not know how to choose. The following will help you make choices through performance scoring and analysis of advantages and disadvantages.

I decided to rate these 2 and 4 wheels based on a series of factors:

Which is Better? 2 Wheel vs 4 Wheel Luggage

1. Mobility: Four wheels are better

In terms of mobility, four wheels are generally better than two wheels. Although four wheels may be difficult to drive on uneven ground, they provide greater flexibility on smooth surfaces. On the other hand, a two-wheeled luggage bag can adapt to more ground, but lacks the pivotability and maneuverability of a four-wheeled luggage.

2. Space utilization: two wheels are better

Since the two wheels are usually integrated in the main body of the suitcase, a two-wheeled suitcase of the same size often has more space.

3. Stability: Four wheels are better

Generally, four-wheeled suitcases are better, because two-wheeled suitcases are particularly prone to tip over. On the contrary, the stability of four-wheeled suitcases is significantly better.

Which is Better? 2 Wheel vs 4 Wheel Luggage
4. Durability: Two wheels are better

Since the wheels on the two-wheeled suitcase do not have the four-wheeled 360-axle, they tend to be more durable. And it is usually less exposed than a four-wheeled suitcase, so there is less chance of being crashed.

5. Price: Two wheels

When comparing suitcases of the same brand and size, two-wheel suitcases are often cheaper. However, four-wheel suitcases are now more popular, and with the trend, the price difference between the two styles is getting smaller and smaller.

6. Versatility: four wheels

Four-wheel suitcases have more versatility, because four-wheel suitcases can be used like two-wheel suitcases, but two-wheels cannot be used as four-wheels.

Summary of the advantages and disadvantages of two-wheeled suitcases and wheels and four-wheeled suitcases

Two-wheeled suitcase

The wheels take up less space in the suitcase: Since the wheels are often integrated in the suitcase, they tend to take up less capacity. For example, a 22-inch long two-wheeled suitcase will usually have more space than a four-wheeled suitcase because the wheels take up less space and will not stick out.
Wheels tend to be more durable: because the wheels of two-wheeled luggage do not pivot or rotate, they tend to be more durable.
Lower price: Two-wheel suitcases are cheaper than four-wheel suitcases.

Difficult to carry multiple suitcases: It may be difficult to carry multiple suitcases with two wheels at one time. Although you can use belts to connect multiple suitcases, it is much more difficult than with four wheels.
Easy to fall: When you put something in the front pocket, the general two-wheeled suitcase tends to fall over.
Wrists and arms and heels: Pulling the suitcase behind you may strain your arms and wrists, especially when you are dragging a long-distance suitcase.

Four-wheel suitcase

It’s easier to carry it with you: because you’re pushing a suitcase, it’s usually easier to move around than pulling luggage behind you.
More stable: There is almost no overturning problem of the four-wheel suitcase.
Can pivot and push forward: Since the suitcase can pivot sideways, it can easily get through aisle down.

Sliding on an uneven surface: If it is placed on an uneven surface, it may slip away at any time.
Wheels are more susceptible to damage: As the assembly of the wheels is more complicated, the durability of the wheels tends to be reduced when rolling on uneven or bumpy surfaces. Similarly, the wheels on the four-wheel suitcase usually stick out at the end, and we are more likely to be damaged when we check in our luggage.
Less available space: As the wheels protrude from the bottom, suitcase of the same size tend to take up more available space.

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