How and Why to Lighten a Heavy Purse?

1. The weight of the bag or smart travel bag

Will bags become an invisible killer that endangers people's health? It is possible. There are some small details, if you don't pay attention when choosing bags, it will really become a potential killer that affects your health. So what are these details? Share it with everyone today.

Many women’s bags contain not only wallets, mobile phones, lipsticks and other necessities, but also various documents, work shoes, umbrellas and books. Some women like to carry large bags, but there are many health risks if women's shoulder bags are too heavy.

How and Why to Lighten a Heavy Purse?

Long-term single-shoulder weight bearing will cause uneven strength on the back muscles and easily cause spine and lumbar strain

If the bag is too large or heavy, it will increase the burden on the shoulders, and it is easy to fall. People must consciously lift the shoulders to maintain balance. Especially most women like to carry a large shoulder bag. Therefore, women who like to carry a large shoulder bag often feel sore neck, shoulder and back, and even more serious body deformation and cause "high and low shoulders."

But if you choose a 15 inch laptop backpack, the damage to your health will not be so serious. Because the load on both shoulders is balanced, there is no need to deliberately raise one shoulder to maintain balance. In addition, bearing weight on the back can open the chest to a large extent. This posture is a kind of protection for the spine. Therefore, it is recommended that ladies should use more backpacks, a little heavier will not affect your health.

If women must use a crossbody bag, they need to "lighten the burden."

When you’re away from home, the more concise things you bring out, the better, and it’s best if you don’t feel pressure on your shoulders. There are still some girls who like to hang a lot of small accessories on their school bags for beauty. Some are metal ornaments, which adds to the weight of the schoolbag. Therefore, it is recommended to hang some light-weight ornaments or do not hang anything.

How and Why to Lighten a Heavy Purse?

There is also a better way. If the bag is heavier, you can carry it with your hands and change hands frequently. Carrying with one hand for too long, the vibrating nerve and blood vessels of the forearm have been compressed, resulting in poor blood supply to the forearm, and the arm will be sore and numb. Although the arm will be sore, as long as the hand is changed in time, the discomfort will disappear.

In particular, the straps of some bags are too thin and hard, such as a metal chain. Although fashionable, it is very easy to cause damage to the trapezius muscle of the shoulder. Especially for crossbody bags, when buying, you should choose those styles with relatively large and soft straps to minimize the weight on the shoulders.

2. The metal chain of ladies' bags

Some people may ask, can metal chains also affect health? Under normal circumstances, metal chains are not harmful to the human body, but some women may be allergic to metals, especially in the summer, women will sweat. Therefore, for ladies with sensitive skin, when going out with a chain bag, try not to keep the metal chain in direct contact with their bare skin for a long time. Especially when sweating, it is very easy to cause skin allergies.

3. The breathability of ladies' bags

Not paying attention to the breathability of the bag can really affect your health. Many women like to choose transparent PVC bags in summer. Although transparent PVC bags are fashionable, PVC generally has poor air permeability. For women who like to put a shoulder bag under their armpits, they need to pay attention to the fact that hot summer weather can easily cause excessive sweating under the armpits because the poor air permeability of PVC can easily lead to rashes on the body. When choosing a bag in the summer, breathability also needs to be considered as one of the factors.

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How and Why to Lighten a Heavy Purse?
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