4 Free Things to Do in Any City While Traveling

If you plan to spend a holiday in a big city, but your budget has already spent a lot of money on air tickets and hotels. You may feel that insufficient funds will limit your entertainment capabilities. In fact, in most cities, many things can be done without spending money. One of the great advantages of this city is that it has many free activites built in. Bring a travel laptop backpack to explore!

1. Go to the local park
Most larger cities have large parks, such as Central Park in New York, Grant Park in Chicago, and so on. Usually, these are the pleasures of walking, running or biking. Moreover, you can often see free music concerts or other street performances on the road. The park is also a good place for people to enjoy.

4 Free Things to Do in Any City While Traveling
2. Go to the local iconic church
Most major cities have churches, and these churches are one of the oldest buildings in town. Churches are usually landmarks and examples of certain types of buildings. Most importantly, they can usually visit for free.

3. Walking tour with the locals
There are plenty of free walking tours in many major cities in the United States. The tour guides are mostly locals who want to introduce their hometown to tourists. Walking tour is a good way to get to know the city. Remember to pack some food and drinks in your messenger bag before walking tour. If you really like the information provided by the tour guide, please give them a tip at the end of the tour.
4 Free Things to Do in Any City While Traveling
4. Go to the museum
Most museums charge a fee. However, many popular museums offer free tickets on certain dates or times or under other special circumstances. If you plan and research in advance, you may find that you can visit some great museums without paying any fees.
4 Free Things to Do in Any City While Traveling
In fact, not only are the four activities proposed above, you can also discover more ways to get to know the local city. Choose the right activities according to your hobbies. If you like animals, you can go to the local zoo. If you like shopping, you can go to the local shopping area, and so on.

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