Decoration technology of three-dimensional pattern of luggage

1. Three-dimensional flowers
The three-dimensional flower is a new method of shaping flower patterns on the surface of the bag, and different design effects are formed through the shaping of the three-dimensional flower. But the best business laptop backpack hardly uses this decoration technique. The bag design shown in Figure 6-78 is made of fabrics of the same quality and the same color as the fan surface. The three-dimensional pattern is set in the middle of the bag surface, which has a very obvious decorative effect and forms a rich decorative effect on the bag surface of the same color.

In the bag design shown in Figure 6-79, the three-dimensional flower is formed by folding the strips. It also has the characteristics of flower decoration, but it is not as delicate and elegant as the former flower. Therefore, for three-dimensional flowers, the decorative effect is not only an elegant lady temperament, but also a casual effect.

Decoration technology of three-dimensional pattern of luggage
From the perspective of three-dimensional flower design alone, you can choose a separate flower image, or combine the image of flowers and leaves, or even form a group of flower pattern combinations, which are all aspects of three-dimensional flower design changes. Of course, the three-dimensional flower design can also be changed in size. It can be a small flower pattern with a pretty and beautiful image, or a large flower pattern with a public image and individuality, making the design of the three-dimensional flower pattern unique.

2. Applique and decal
Appliques are fixed by stitching, and appliques are decorated with special adhesives and then fixed with stitches. Generally, appliques and decals are suitable for expressing larger, more integrated, and concise patterns, and try to form a sharper contrast with the wrapping material in the color, texture, and decorative patterns of the materials used. Do cutting and other processing. Sometimes, applique can also make a fuss on the change of stitches, the color and thickness of the thread, to enhance its decorative feeling. In the process of knitting and crocheting, thousands of patterns can be revealed by changing various needle methods. These patterns are rigorous in regularity and rich in thickness, unevenness, and hollowing.

3. Bowknot
Bowknot decoration has always been a classic way of decorating women's products. In the design of luggage and hot topic bag, bowknot still occupies an important position. Bow knots can form different personalities through individual or group changes, and can also highlight the design style of products through individual changes. You can also change the structure and image of the bow itself to change the overall decorative effect. The individual small bow design can make the whole bag beautiful and exquisite.

The bag design shown in Figure 6-80, although the bowknot design of the same color and fabric, the bowknot occupies a larger area of ​​the fan and has a flamboyant personality. Due to the sharp corners and multi-pleated design of the bow, it brings a sense of conflict between the public personality of the package body and the feminine femininity, and it feels fashionable and avant-garde. The small bow design shown in Figure 6-81 uses the same color small bow combination to bring a lady-quality decorative pattern on the flower-shaped wrapper background, and the whole package has a delicate and pretty effect

Decoration technology of three-dimensional pattern of luggage

4. Stitching
Stitching refers to the means of stitching some decorations on the wrapping surface to form different surface effects. There are many types of decoration materials, such as jewelry, rhinestones, colored plastic or artificial transparent crystal jewelry, etc., which are enhanced by the patterns formed by these decorations. The artistic added value of bags.

This kind of stitching decoration can be spread all over the entire package surface, or it can form a decorative point in a certain part, with different decorative effects. Of course, the different decorations used will also bring about different decorative effects, sometimes even completely different decorative effects. The handbag design shown in Figure 6-82, the fan surface is covered with large red, blue, green bead decorations, and the shapes are different, and there are small golden bead decorations in between, which has a kind of exotic style; on the red cover Symmetrical colored transparent decorations are sewn on both sides of the bag. The colorful blue, green, yellow, and white glittering effects make the bag bright and eye-catching.

5. Decorated with hanging decoration
The hanging decoration is to fix one part of the decoration on the surface of the bag, and the other part is suspended, such as common tassels, tassels, knots, bead strings, silver ornaments, metal rings, wooden beads, decorative bags, etc. . This kind of decoration is unique and has a strong sense of space. Some student backpacks use this decoration technique. It shows agile charm with the dynamic changes of people. The hanging decoration can be decorated with the same color as the package surface, or with different color decorations, the same color decoration is dignified and beautiful, and different color decorations can form a color matching effect. As shown in Figure 6-83.

Decoration technology of three-dimensional pattern of luggage





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