Do you prefer to use a wallet or a backpack? Why?

The person who prefer to use backpack.

I usually make decisions based on functionality and pure appearance, so I have a zero purse.

I prefer to use backpack, because they are

1) the weight evenly distributed on my shoulders and back

2) is better suited to accommodate I may have to carry any of the items, such as kettle, book, book, notebook and so on, and I carry my raincoat or cardigan - wallet doesn't fit to do so, not to mention failed in the first place.

Do you prefer to use a wallet or a backpack? Why?

Why back support? Well, back when I was 13, I found it really cool to carry my backpack/messenger on just one shoulder. By the time I was 19, I realized that one shoulder was slightly lower than the other because it looked "cool" and I got used to the fact that it took about a year for each of the two bags.Watching my partner with a huge tote bag or just one shoulder on his arm, I already knew what it would do, and I didn't think about anything.In that sense, most wallets are impractical, which is why I use backpacks.

I have a small leather smart backpack that only needs a few things to fetch, but it's mainly for carrying a kettle.I always pack when I travel. For daily use, I have a large laptop backpack that can hold my laptop and many other things I need for work.I have a bigger backpack for traveling and carrying towels and swimsuits.They all look very stylish - a steady steel grey in light grey, so they go with everything.

So even though I choose a bag that is 95% functional and functional, I retain 5% of its appearance and spend months or years searching for the perfect bag before buying it.

But, yes, I don't have a wallet except one with a shoulder chain.I find a purse without a strap or chain illogical - if you still need to hold the bag in your hand, why put something in it to free your hands?

The person who prefer to use purse.

Usually, I prefer a big purse. Some people have mentioned that they can be stolen, but usually, if you carry them correctly and pay attention to where you put them, that's not the case.

Do you prefer to use a wallet or a backpack

I work for a lot of school groups and travel escorts for a good part of the year.At least one student is frustrated, and it will not fail. In fact, Last year I stopped a person in Times Square from getting into one of our student bags. E.g. It is very easy, especially if the owner has not buried the valuable in the middle of the person and near the back. Pickpockets walk behind people carrying backpacks, or use knives to cut them open or even unzip them. The main way to prevent this is to put the backpack in the front instead of the back, which is very uncomfortable.

Another practical reason is that many shops, museums and attractions do not allow you to carry a backpack but a large wallet instead.

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