How big should a school backpack be?

How big should a backpack be?

With a new agenda and a freshly finished book, you can start fresh for the new school year. A good student backpack is essential. Of course, you want stylish books, but it's also important to have the bag in the right format.But how big should the bag actually be?

How big should a school backpack be?


Tips from the expert

Do you cycle back and forth to school? Then, choose a bag with a ventilated back to keep your back cool.

If you are using a tablet or laptop at school, select a backpack with a tablet or laptop compartment to prevent scratching.

If your backpack is heavy, it's important to have a comfortable backpack. For extra comfort, opt for a bag with shoulder pads and hip or chest straps.

This is useful if the bag has multiple compartments so you can store things in an organized way.

What size do I need?


Small: 15 to 20 liters

Are there any unnecessary books in your locker? Or just a few classes a day? Maybe you use a tablet or laptop more often.A school backpack with a capacity of between 15 and 20 litres is large enough. These bags are compact, but often have extra compartments for calculators, pens, and keys. There are also lots of small backpacks with compartments for laptops and tablets.

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Medium: 21 to 30 liters

Do you use different subjects for longer terms? On days like these, you soon have more to bear than you think.A 21 - to 30-liter school smart backpack fits the bill.This is the most common size of a backpack.The bag has enough space, but not more than the required size. Most school backpacks have several small pockets.So you don't have to look for pens or keys for long.


Large: 31 to 40 liters

Pick up your folders, a laptop and a super thick dictionary, and 2 hours of gym on the Internet? Then fit the pack above 31 liters. Take care of your back when carrying so many things. Chest straps and padded shoulder straps ensure a comfortable backpack. Plus, back ventilation helps keep your back cool while carrying a heavy backpack.

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