How to best pack a travel backpack?

Do you know how to best pack a large travel backpack when you’re planning a long journey? The amount of belongs should be reduced to the minimum. Here are 5 ultimate packing tips for backpackers.

1.Making good use of vacuum compression bags

Folding the clothes and putting them in a compression bag. Dividing them into categories according to the type of clothes, not only saving the space, it can be maintained in the best condition even taking them out

2.Smart phones are necessaries

Nowadays, the pixels and functions of smart phone are no longer inferior to cameras. If you are going to have a long journey, the more things you have, the greater risk of theft. so you can replace cameras, e-books, and maps with mobile phones,and the journey will be more refreshing and burden-free, what’s more you can focus on enjoying the journey. Travel backpack with charger will be a best choice for you.

best travel backpack

3.Thinking again before packing

Should I bring an expensive camera? Should I bring jewelry? Should I bring some more beautiful clothes? Those items that you hesitate to bring are actually optional. In order to reduce the burden of the journey, you must think twice before packing the bag

4.Carry on backpack is better than a luggage cases

Although not everyone will travel with a backpack, However, with each additional pair of wheels, luggage will lose more space. It’s better to choose a 22 inches carry-on backpack instead of a 25 inches suitcase,actually the amount of items in them are same, but It’s more cost-efficient and quicker scan with a carry-on backpack than a wheeled luggage

best travel backpack

5.Choosing your best travel backpack

If you are determining to take a backpack trip, remember that you must choose the backpack carefully. As the global travel becomes more and more popular, backpacks have been developed with different functions for various possible situations. Good back, shoulder, and waist straps are designed so that you will not be tired even if you walk long distances. Remember to choose waterproof materials, as well as multiple organizer pockets, to pack your belongs in good condition .

the best travel backpack




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