how to organize your backpack for school?

For students, the smart backpack is their most important learning tool, which will contain all the textbooks, tools, books, water bottles, and various necessities for students to go to school. So how do you organize your daily schoolbags neatly and concisely so that you can go to school "easy" without leaving anything behind?

how to organize your backpack for school?

1.First pack up the bulky things first. From kindergarten children to college students, it is always painful to carry a big schoolbag to go to school every day. You need to sort your stuffs and pick out the things you must use in class. You need to pack notebooks, textbooks or dictionary. You need to remember that the total weight of the backpack should not exceed 15% of your total body weight.

2.Pack the little things. There always seem to be all kinds of small things scattered in various pockets in the student backpack. Instead of messing up these little things, it is better to pack them separately. Put pencils, pens, and markers in the pencil case. Hand sanitizer, paper towels, lip balm, etc. can be packed in a separate bag and then put in the backpack.

3.Put things in the main backpack from back to front. Sort the stuffs from "heaviest" to "lightest" and place them from back to front. Normally, from back to front is textbooks, notebooks, smaller miscellaneous books and pencil bags.

how to organize your backpack for school?

4.Put anything that needs quick access in the outer bag, such as a pen or mobile phone. Put liquids or other things that are easy to get wet (such as water bottles, umbrellas) in the outer bag. Finally put the sweatshirt or jacket on the top of the backpack.

In addition, learn to clean backpack frequently. Because school bags are used every day, used paper and other garbage will quickly accumulate. Clean up school bags every 1-2 weeks and take out all the waste paper for recycling. This will keep the school bag light and tidy.

With age, the burden of schoolwork will become heavier. Coupled with the need for review and preview knowledge, even if the schoolbags are organized every day, they will still be heavy. If you are worried about shoulder muscle discomfort, it is recommended to replace the rolling book bag or a wider and softer shoulder straps backpack.

If you are unwilling to change your current backpack, you can carry a handbag every day when you go to school and put some books in the handbag to share the weight on your back and relieve stress. Especially when you are carrying a dictionary or a heavy book, you can hold it directly in your hand to reduce the pressure on your back.

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