How to remove moldy from backpacks?

If the best business laptop backpack is not used or cleaned for a long time, and the weather is humid and the air is not circulating, the backpack is prone to mold. It is too wasteful to throw it away, and it can't be washed off with normal washing methods. In fact, as long as you use a few tricks to clean your backpack, you can easily wash off the mildew on your schoolbag. The same goes for moldy clothes. So how to clean the moldy backpack? Let's take a look together.

How to clean moldy backpacks?

Why is the backpack moldy

1. Moldy backpacks are mainly caused by placing the wrong place. Putting things in places with relatively humid environment is easier to mold. We must pay attention to putting the backpack in a dry and clean place, especially in the rainy weather or rainy season, and also pay attention to mold and insects.

2. Secondly, you will leave some sweat and water stains when carrying your student backpack. If we carry our schoolbags and go out every day, it will be difficult for the schoolbags to have mold. But if you put it aside for a long time without using it, the bacteria and fungi inside will quickly multiply into small black mold spots.

3. The material of the backpack is not breathable. There are many books in the schoolbag. The mold and bacteria on the books will be sealed in the schoolbag, making it easier to grow and reproduce.

How to clean moldy backpacks?


Ways to remove backpack mildew

1. Put the schoolbag in the rice washing water and soak it overnight, and then scrub it in the usual way to remove the mildew.
2. Use a soft brush to clean it first, and then rub it with alcohol to remove mildew.
3. Put the schoolbag in water with a small amount of vinegar and milk to remove the mold smell (if the schoolbag has yellow spots).
4. Spread some milk on the big backpacks which have mold, put it in the sun for a few hours, and then clean it in the usual way.
5. Repeatedly scrubbing with hot water which has soap, mildew can be removed.

How to clean moldy backpacks?

6. For more serious mildew spots, you need to use professional mildew spot cleaners to clean it, and the mildew removal effect is relatively strong.

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Also ich kann die Methode mit der Milch, mit dem heißen Wasser(nur bei kleinen stellen) und die mit dem Alkohol nur empfehlen! Diese Möglichkeit haben bei mir super funktioniert.


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