Luggage Pattern's Material and Performance(Ⅱ)

2. Animal pattern
In the luggage decoration pattern design, the application of animal patterns is flexible and extensive. Because the animals represented by patterns have different decorative meanings and cultural characteristics, animal patterns have distinct decorative effects and cultural expressions. The best travel laptop bag is too.

In recent years, it has become popular to decorate luggage with animal skin markings, giving people a novel, unique and natural-looking feeling. Student backpacks have many different types animal pattern. Commonly found in luggage fabrics are zebra, leopard, tiger, dalmatian, crocodile, and snake patterns. The pattern design of zebra and leopard patterns as shown in Figure 6-18, through the combination of changes in the color and pattern of the small area, makes the pattern fashionable and beautiful; the pattern design shown in Figure 6-19, the carriage The shape is vividly displayed on the fan surface, which has a strong sense of interest and vividness, while giving the pattern design a strong sense of three-dimensionality.

Of course, animal patterns can also use three-dimensional techniques to form a harmonious and unified image between the shape of the animal itself and the shape of the product. The three-dimensional owl bag design shown in Figure 6-20 uses realistic techniques to draw the owl’s eyes. The nose and body are all installed on the bag, and the wings protrude from the bag surface, which has a certain three-dimensional effect and a strong childlike style. The clutch bag design shown in Figure 6-21 uses realistic images of butterflies as decorative patterns and forms a wristband structure at the same time. The effect is very unique.

Luggage Pattern's Material and Performance(Ⅱ)

3. Patterns such as landscapes and man-made objects
Most of the landscape patterns in the luggage are highly refined, summarized and reorganized. Figure 6-22 shows the idyllic people in the rural landscape, which is a condensed silhouette-like design, showing the scene of a happy life. As shown in Figure 6-23, the landscape pattern of the village yard is the main body of the pattern, and the small farm yard scenery such as carts, ducks, brooms, trees, and green grass are unobstructed, which is natural and kind. The bag design shown in Figure 6-24 uses the tree house pattern as the decorative pattern. The pattern occupies the entire front fan of the bag surface. The house is an anthropomorphic design technique, and the overall design is very vivid and lovely.

Of course, there are many landscapes and man-made objects that can be applied to the pattern design of luggage, such as buildings, daily necessities, traffic symbols, clothing products, etc. These patterns are integrated with the style of the luggage itself, which has a very unique decorative effect and cultural significance.

Luggage Pattern's Material and Performance(Ⅱ)

4. Text pattern
Although text patterns are also a kind of man-made objects. Generally, text has strong expressive meaning and cultural connotation, so it also has rich expressiveness and great flexibility. As the characters have distinct cultural characteristics, any type of characters clearly and unambiguously indicates the country, nation, region, and cultural background to which it belongs. The characters also have a very clear brand identity. Therefore, the design of text patterns has its unique connotation and decorative significance.

In actual design, we usually deal with the combination of text and text, size, spacing, color, proportion, material, etc. to show the design style of text patterns. On the other hand, it also strives to make unique changes to text patterns, realizes the free and flexible design of text, and strives to seek innovative and diverse design expression methods and solutions.

The bag design shown in Figure 6-26, the overall pattern of the bag is composed of letters, the letters are arranged neatly and regularly, and the bag style is stable and generous. As shown in Figure 6-27, the white mm letter pattern of the bag forms a very fresh color match with the blue of the main body of the bag. At the same time, together with the folds on the side of the bag, it sets off a casual design theme. This kind of text pattern design with a certain brand orientation can further sublimate the design theme of the bag.

Luggage Pattern's Material and Performance(Ⅱ)

5. Character pattern
In the design of luggage patterns, there are various patterns of relevant characters. The changing methods of character modeling are also very diverse, including simplification, exaggeration, addition, combination, etc. The decorative effects of different changing methods are obviously different. When designing, there are designs that simplify the characters to simple silhouettes or a few lines, but also try to exaggerate and transform them, pursuing fun, and randomly spread lips, eyes, handprints, footprints, etc. on the bag to achieve weirdness. A wild extension or witty decorative effect.

The pattern design shown in Figure 6-30 gives the overall image of the character to the surface of the bag, and the girl’s ease and youth emerge in the pattern. Of course, different linguistic meanings will be produced due to the actions of the characters and the different life scenes. The bag design shown in Figure 6-31, the sitting girl and the background form a quiet picture, the pattern is beautiful and quiet. In the character pattern design of luggage, most of them use cartoon images, which have a very fashionable appearance and are deeply loved by young people.

Luggage Pattern's Material and Performance(Ⅱ)

6.Geometric patterns
Geometric patterns refer to generalized geometrical figures that do not represent specific images, using simple and concise geometric shapes and colors to form decorations. The regular-shaped picture appears rigorous, tidy, and mechanical. Irregular points, lines, and surfaces have irregular shapes and arrangements, and there is no uniform standard, showing a certain degree of randomness. Regular and irregular points, lines and surfaces are often used in combination, or show a certain degree of randomness on the basis of rules.

In terms of artistic perception, abstract patterns, especially traditional geometric patterns, have characteristics such as rules, rigor, and rationality. Concrete patterns often have vivid, lively, and sensual characteristics, and they complement each other, contrast, and configure another aesthetic. The design shown in Figure 6-32 is a typical static vertical stripe pattern, using multiple colors to create colorful effects. The bag design shown in Figure 6-33 uses a regular square pattern to make the whole bag lively and stable.

It can be seen that various design changes of geometric patterns will bring about great changes in the style of the hot topic bags. Therefore, the pattern design must be consistent with the design theme of the entire bag in order to make patterns and styles echo each other.

Luggage Pattern's Material and Performance(Ⅱ)

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