The Guide to Overcoming Travel Depression

When the trip is over, it is difficult for people to give up the fun of traveling with a large travel backpack in a positive manner and return to their normal life. This negative state when returning to work is called "post-holiday depression." But people do not need to panic about this, mastering methods can avoid this "travel syndrome".

The Guide to Overcoming Travel Depression

1. Adjust the biological rhythm in advance
If the trip has more exciting or intensive activities, try to arrange it in the early or mid-term of the trip. At the end of the trip, the biological clock will begin to be adjusted. Try to adjust your work and rest to the biological clock close to the working day, otherwise once you go to work, your body will not be able to stand it. The body feels exhausted and uncomfortable. Do not work long hours and increase the frequency of rest during the first two or three days of work. Don't let yourself take over difficult tasks. You can choose some familiar jobs to find the feeling of work.

2. Start planning your next trip
Starting to plan a new round of expeditions allows you to shift your energy to new things, rather than being limited to the sadness that "your trip is over". Planning your next adventure will not only give you hope for your future journey, it will also divert your attention to researching and booking where you will go next. This can be a good help to combat the sadness and depression after traveling. Waiting for the next trip with your carry on backpack!

The Guide to Overcoming Travel Depression

3. Exercise while traveling
Keep exercising when you are away from home to help you stay in shape and reduce stress and fatigue. If you continue to exercise after returning from the trip, your body will have a sense of physical stability. Exercise also releases endorphins, which can also help fight your depression.

It is difficult to exercise during the trip, but if you plan, you can still find about an hour to exercise.

4. More contact with people, less alone
If you feel lonely and alone, look for friends and family. If your friends and family are not available, please find out the community, religion or other social event you live in. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and refresh your spirits.

5. Bring vacation souvenirs back to your workplace
If you are worried that you may find it difficult to adapt to the general situation of returning to work, going to school, or just returning home, then leaving some souvenirs around may make the transition smoother. Souvenirs can remind you of the happy times you once had. Studies have shown that imagining returning to an interesting and relaxing place is usually sufficient to relieve stress and anxiety after a big trip.

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The Guide to Overcoming Travel Depression
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