The use of luggage pattern color

Luggage pattern decoration is not a simple filling of modeling space, it is an indispensable part of decorative modeling. Through the processing of patterns, colors, and materials, the texture effect of the surface of the package body can be enriched, which not only reflects the personality characteristics of the decoration, but also adds a sense of novelty and interest to the decoration. The best business laptop backpack may didn't have many decoration patterns.

Usually, luggage patterns are expressed in concise and bright colors, and rich graphics are summarized in a limited number of colors, pursuing different contrast changes, attractive tones and multi-level effects.

Non-patterned multi-color strips are all in the category of luggage pattern design, because the surface of this design is cut by multiple color shapes, and color and shape are inseparable, forming an overall luggage pattern effect. Whether it is a harmonious or contrasting relationship between the luggage pattern and the color, the color in the pattern only serves as a foil and contrast.

The use of luggage pattern color

1. The artistic conception of pattern tone
The color performance of the luggage or big backpack is based on the change of color to present a special artistic conception effect. Generally speaking, soft and elegant tones bring a sense of tranquility and serenity. The patterns are rich in changes and make people feel harmonious and happy. It is suitable for those unassuming, comfortable and elegant lifestyles; and those with superb power will produce People feel shocked and full of contradictions, belonging to the kind of ostentatious, high-profile lifestyle that seeks everyone's attention.

The cheerful tones make people want to fantasize, feel and experience, full of feelings of strength, vitality, hope and freedom; the silent midtones are calm and stable, soft and peaceful, without expressing a clear attitude, inspired by unassuming and ordinary Things and costumes.

2. Color character
When designing the pattern color, because the color has a relatively clear personality and association, the designer must design according to the user's appreciation standard. For designers, it is required to master the consumer's color psychology, be able to fully grasp the popular color series, conduct corresponding first-hand research on the color market consumption situation before designing, and summarize the color consumption rules, and create according to the psychological needs of different consumers color design.

For example, the cartoon, comic-style pattern design and bold color matching of the student backpacks are the harmonious and unified expression of color personality and color consumption.

As shown in Figure 6-54, the black and white pattern color uses leopard print as the theme of the pattern. The color selection is black and white, which shows the fashion characteristics of the bag, even a little cold and monotonous; and as shown in Figure 6-55 Compared with the former, the orange pink floral pattern bag design has very strong feminine characteristics. A group of naughty and friendly colors from the orange and pink families have fissioned and mutated the passionate bouquets, becoming a group of smooth warm bright colors. This is an extremely feminine color, at the same time full of lightness, fun, innocence and childishness.

The ultimate bright color creates a sense of color impact. Pure, powerful, strong, and positive, it seems to come from the colorful colors of the sports world. Bright and bold colors contain elegance; the splendid metal texture colors, the brilliance of smoke and the infinite charm, as shown in Figure 6-56 Shown. The white that emphasizes exaggeration and individual is an eternal color, a color of wisdom and poetry, elegant and charming.

The use of luggage pattern color

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