Tips for Flying with a Suit

How to fly with a suit? Here are some tips for you.

Packaging reduces wrinkles and wrinkles

This usually depends on the mode of transportation and what other items need to be transported. For example, you may find that rolling clothes is best for saving space in a suitcase or suit travel bag, while crease folding may be the best option for a matein garment bag.

Tips for Flying with a Suit

Investigate the facilities at the destination

Packing clothes may not be important if the destination provides an iron, because you can simply eliminate creases at the destination. If you go to your wedding destination, most people will be wearing or carrying a suit, so there will likely be an iron or steam pressed.

Hang as much as possible

Once you reach your destination, be sure to hang it for as long as possible to allow the crease to unfold naturally.

Tips for Flying with a Suit

Transport suit shoes

Suit shoes should be placed at the bottom of your pocket or carried wherever you go. This way, the heavier items don't crush the lighter and more delicate shirts.Make sure they are clean, or put them in another bag so they don't stain your clean clothes. In addition, you may choose to wear shoes to reduce the weight of your carry on backpack or checked baggage.

Tips for Flying with a Suit


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