What are the types of school bags?

Many students generally like new smart backpacks or shoulder school bags. School bags are indispensable for students to go to school. But now there are many types of schoolbags. The styles of various schoolbags on the market make parents a headache. The types of schoolbags include backpacks, shoulder bags, electronic schoolbags, and rolling schoolbags. Different types of school bags have different characteristics. Next, Matein will introduce you to the types and characteristics of school bags.

1.Student backpack

Backpack is a general term for schoolbags that are carried on the shoulders. The most obvious feature of this type of schoolbag is that there are two straps on the back that are used to buckle the shoulders, which are generally widely used in kindergartens and elementary schools. According to the different materials, it will be divided into canvas backpacks, Oxford cloth backpacks, and nylon cloth backpacks. The main advantage of the backpack is that it is convenient to carry, frees your hands, and provides convenience for going out.

What are the types of school bags?

The grade and quality of the backpack are mainly determined from these aspects:

First, workmanship. Every corner and crimping line are neat and tidy, there is no thread off or jumper phenomenon, every stitch of embroidery is very elegant, which is the standard of high craftsmanship.

Second, look at the materials used in the bag. Generally, 1680D double-strand fabrics are relatively medium to upper. And 600D Oxford cloth is a more commonly used material. In addition, canvas, materials such as 190T and 210 are usually used for simpler drawstring type backpacks.

Third, the back structure of the backpack directly determines the purpose and grade of the backpack. High-end backpacks and outdoor mountaineering or military backpacks have complicated back structures. At least six pieces of pearl cotton or EVA are used as breathable cushions, and there are even aluminum frames.

The back of the general backpack is a piece of pearl cotton about 3mm as a breathable board. The simplest drawstring type backpack does not have any padding material except the material of the backpack itself.

Backpacks are mainly the best choice for leisure and outing hobbies. Different grades of backpacks are suitable for different occasions.

2.One-Shoulder bag

One-shoulder schoolbag, as the name suggests, refers to a schoolbag that is stressed on one shoulder, and is divided into a single-shoulder bag and a cross-body bag. Single-shoulder school bags generally have a small capacity and are easy to carry. It can be used not only when going to school, but also when going shopping, so the shoulder bag is slowly becoming a fashion item. The main consumers of single-shoulder school bags are mainly young people, especially middle school students and college students. However, when using a shoulder bag, pay attention to the burden of one shoulder, so as to avoid uneven pressure on the left and right shoulders and affect your health.

3.Rolling book bag

There are two types of trolley schoolbags, one is a undetachable trolley schoolbag, and the other is a detachable rolling schoolbag. The rollers cannot be removed from the undetachable rolling schoolbag, which is inconvenient to clean the backpack. The backpack can be used as a normal backpack when the wheels removed, which is also convenient for cleaning the backpack. It can switch back and forth between a roller backpack and a backpack to reduce shoulder pressure.

What are the types of school bags?

4.Electronic bookbag

E-bookbag is a derivative of the term schoolbag. It originally referred to some novels, a service function of literary reading websites for members. This function means that after consumers have read a certain literary work, the work will automatically enter the schoolbag. Consumers can read again and avoid unnecessary expenses incurred by reading on the website. The application of the function of e-schoolbag has become more and more extensive, and it is used in many industries and many websites.

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