What backpack should I get for middle school?

When choosing a student backpack for middle school students, the first thing to consider should be that it is easy to carry on the body, conforms to ergonomic principles, and long-term carrying has no effect on the shoulders, back, and spine; secondly, consider the functional design of the school bag, whether the internal partition is reasonable, and whether it is convenient to store And finishing; finally consider the style of the schoolbag, cute cartoon, fresh or simple style can be selected according to personal preferences. The specific purchasing skills are as follows:

What backpack should I get for middle school?
1. Choose a schoolbag with multiple stratified and a lightweight and wear-resistant schoolbag material
Middle school students have a lot of textbooks and stationery. Choosing a schoolbag with many partitions can not only install textbooks and stationery in different categories, but also make the weight of the schoolbag evenly distributed.

2. Choose a school backpack for teens with wide bandwidth
The body of primary and middle school students has not been completely shaped. Choosing a schoolbag with wide straps and shoulder pads can evenly distribute the pressure without causing excessive weight on the back and shoulders.

What backpack should I get for middle school?

3. Choose fewer pockets and meshes on the bag
Try to choose a schoolbag made of lightweight nylon or canvas, which not only reduces the load on students, but is also very durable and practical. In addition, avoid too many metal accessories because it will increase the weight of the schoolbag

4. Schoolbags should not be too large
Choose the smallest schoolbag that can hold books and stationery. Generally speaking, the schoolbag should not be wider than the body; when you carry it on your body, the bottom of the schoolbag should not be less than 10 cm from the waist.

5. The back of the backpack should preferably have soft padding
Choose a school bag with a cushion on the back, because the cushion has pits to help ventilate and dissipate heat, so that the child will not sweat when carrying it.

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What backpack should I get for middle school?
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