What kind of backpack should I get for school?

Before the school starts, some students will ask such questions: What kind of backpack should I get for school?

What kind of backpack should I get for school

You should buy a backpack suitable for your grade. When you are in elementary school, you don’t have to carry such a large backpack, but if you have an extra backpack, you can if you want. In middle school, in high school, I think you will need a larger backpack organization because you will have a lot of homework and stuff. I don't know the situation of the university. Some suggestions for you are:

  • If you have a laptop or Chromebook, you should prepare a backpack with a padded laptop pocket to protect your laptop. Many backpacks have such padded laptop pockets, so it is not difficult for you to find one. Shop school laptop backpack
  • If you have a lot of notebooks and folders, you should find a backpack with a spacious interior, multiple pockets, and clear partitions so that you can put all your things in. And it's easy to find.
  • If you need some organization (like middle school or high school), you should buy a bookbags with a lot of pockets and things. It should still fit your notebooks and folders. I like the kind with pockets inside so that I can easily take out the pencils and other things without having to turn through my pencil case.
  • You should install padded shoulder straps and back, so that you can protect your back during use, you will not hurt your back, colleagues can also reduce the weight of your back. Because my last Beijing Post did not have a shoulder strap padding, this is a problem.
What kind of backpack should I get for school
  • Choose a backpack with durable fabric that will not rip. You should buy one that will not crack when you put a lot of things in. If you have a school bag with a non-durable fabric and all your school supplies overflow on the way to school, it would be too embarrassing.
  • Design and style. Buy a backpack with a design you like. Sometimes I find that the perfect backpack does not have a design that I like. So you should consider buying a style you like.

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