What Size Cycling Backpack Do You Need?

The best bicycle bags can take the shape of a roll top, zipper or crossbody bag. But no matter what style, bags are must-have for commuting by bicycle and long-distance leisure riding.

In fact, you don’t need a huge backpack, like the one you see backpackers walking around. It is not practical or uncomfortable to ride a bicycle with an oversized backpack. Likewise, you want to make sure that your backpack is large enough to hold all the items you need.

what size cycling backpack do you need?

If you ride a bicycle to work, you may need to bring your gear: bike lock, change of clothes, laptop, packed lunch, etc. You can buy a backpack with lunch compartment. This way you don’t have to bring another lunch bag. Because it’s a short trip to work, so don’t worry about your backpack being too heavy.

So how do you determine what size cycling backpack you need? You can determine based on the following subdivisions:

1.10 to 15 liters-water bag and essentials

It is very suitable as a water bag and carrying basic necessities, such as some food, keys and card holders. A messenger bag or sling bag can meet your needs.

what size cycling backpack do you need?
2.16L to 20L-suitable for day trips

You will be able to bring everything you need for a bike day trip. However, if you plan to commute to get off work by bicycle, it will be difficult for you to bring a laptop, a change of clothes or all the items you want to carry. If you ride to and from get off work, you can choose a backpack with a larger capacity (with a separate laptop compartment), after all, the riding commuting time will be shorter than day trip.

Matein's ultra-light waterproof dry bag allows you not to worry about a sudden downpour. It weighs only 9.6 ounces and uses a reflective strip design, allowing you to see you in the dark.
what size cycling backpack do you need?

3.21L-25L-suitable for lightweight commuters

If you ride a bicycle to work, and you can put some clothes, shoes or toiletries in the office, then this size bag is enough to hold the things you need to ride a bicycle to get off work. A backpack with a dedicated shoe compartment can organize your shoes well. Matein's backpack has shoe compartments, comfortable padding and breathable back support, making it ideal for lightweight commuters.

what size cycling backpack do you need?
4.26L to 30L full-time cycling commuter package and weekend package

A 30-liter capacity backpack has enough space and compartments to organize your belongings, such as changing clothes and toiletries for a day or two.

Even if you plan to work out at the gym during lunch time, a 30-liter backpack is enough to carry multiple sets of clothes and separate dirty clothes (if you have a dedicated compartment). Carrying everything on a short trip is much more comfortable than a suitcase or handbag, especially when you use public transportation.
what size cycling backpack do you need?

5.30L and above-not suitable for cycling

The 30L capacity is really too big, because it is not practical or uncomfortable to ride. And the oversized backpack on the back can easily block the sight of people behind you. If you want to start a bicycle trip, buy a frame bag to carry your extra equipment instead of putting such a heavy burden on your back.

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