FAQs about Backpack with a USB Charging Port

Before or after buying a smart backpack with USB Charging Port, you may have some questions during use and maintain.

FAQs about Backpack with a USB Charging Port


Does the backpack come with a power bank?

No, kindly note you need to buy extra power bank.

How do you use the usb charging port? 

You can use the USB charging port as an extension.Charge your device in just three steps.

1. Remove removable USB cable from the internal zipper bag on the left.

2. Plug it into a portable power supply or laptop.

3. Connect the device to an external USB charging port.Then you can go!

FAQs about Backpack with a USB Charging Port

Can I use it to charge to my laptop?

Yes, you can connect it to your laptop.

Is it laptop backpack with charger washable?

We do not recommend using a washing machine to clean backpacks, as this may adversely affect the decompression effect of the rear panel and USB charging port. You can wash it with your hands. We recommend that you unplug the USB cable before cleaning it.


Is the usb port waterproof?

Yes, the USB port is waterproof, but if you want to clean your backpack, we recommend that you remove the removable USB port in case any damages. Thank you:)

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FAQs about Backpack with a USB Charging Port


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Very nice backpack! Travelled internationally with it, was super helpful and very cool, functionally and aesthetically as well! Thank you!


@NICK Kindly note it depends on your charging device and battery capacity. The usb port is just design that can help you charge the phone easily which carrying the backpack.


How long do I leave the backpack charging? Does it have a light to id when it has finished charging?




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