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How to use the USB port built in the backpack?

To all lovely Matein Customers, as many of you have asked about how to use the USB port built in the backpack, we have prepared a specific guide of using the USB port for your reference, we hope this will help you better access to this handy feature.

 Prepare your power bank. (Please do notice that you are not able to charge your phone without connecting to a fully charged power bank.)

Matein USB port guide

Place it into one of the inside mesh pockets and connect it to the built-in USB cable.

Matein Backpack USB port instructions

Connect to the outside USB port and start Charging your phone.

How to use Maten Backpack USB port

Stay fresh with Matein while on the go.

Matein  backpack

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  • Do the backpacks actually come with a power bank or do you have to buy one separately?

    Martin Brown
  • What I need to know is how does the battery get a charge in order to charge your phone. It is not working for me to charge my phone.

    Rose Woodley

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