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About us

Our Story

May 2014 Denver, Colorado. Me and Tom and I were sitting in a cafe for a little chat of my recent trip. The lost passport accident inspired us to create our own backpack brand . The brand name ......

Our Mission

At Matein, we provide the highest quality backpacks with the most reasonable price so every customer can find a backpack they love to carry. We create products that inspire people to live their lives passionately; exploring, creating, and living life in the moment.

Our Promise

Creating quality products that last a lifetime is a responsibility that we take very seriously. We want to maximumly guarantee our customers' interests and do our job as part of the effort of the entire human race to make our mother earth sustainable. We do our best to make sure every backpack we sell has a long working life so the landfills will reduce accordingly. That's a promise to our customers, as well as to our mother earth.