5 Train Travel Hacks You Need to Know

Did you choose to take the train with your large travel backpack on your next holiday? In fact, I still believe that the train is the most interesting way to travel, because it allows you to see the scenery along the way and you can walk around and relax without restriction. So what tips do you need to know about traveling by train? Here are some tips for your reference:

5 Train Travel Hacks You Need to Know

1. Book train tickets early
In order to get the best price, you need to book as early as possible. The advantage of this strategy is to ensure that there are no problems with your seats. About 12 weeks in advance is the best time to book the cheapest train ticket.

2. Choose your seat wisely
If possible, always reserve a seat for yourself. Standing for a long time will consume much energy and influence your mood. You also need to remember which direction to drive when choosing a seat. Depending on where you are going, sitting on the left or right side of the train may provide you with a better view.

3. Reduce the burden of the journey as much as possible
You must carry your luggage with you and manage it during the journey. It is best to use a rolling back pack, because you have to carry many times of handling at the station. If you are carrying heavy luggage, you can consider hiring a porter.

5 Train Travel Hacks You Need to Know

4. Stay comfortable
The train ride takes a long time, so make sure you stay comfortable. On the journey, use your mobile phone or laptop to carry books or movies. There is no better way to pass the time. If you have space, you can also bring some board games or cards to enjoy your leisure time.

If you are on an overnight train, earplugs and blindfold will help. Don’t forget to bring a charger or portable charger to avoid draining the phone’s battery. The train usually does not provide blankets, you need to bring blankets or sweaters.

5. Prepare some food in advance
Many trains do not prepare catering services, if they are provided, they are usually of poor quality. If you are not sitting for long, you can choose to buy some snacks at the train station. If you take a long train, it is best to prepare enough food to avoid being hungry.

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