Can I Take Perfume on a Plane?

It is a good idea to use as little perfume as possible in the small space of the cabin. Other passengers will thank you. But if you want to put perfume or cologne in your carry-on luggage, you have to follow the rules. This is the scoop of carrying perfume on the plane.

Can I Take Perfume on a Plane?
Perfume and cologne
Like most cosmetics, perfumes and colognes are subject to restrictions imposed by the US Transportation Security Administration 3-1-1, which means these items can be placed in checked and carry-on luggage. If you plan to bring a large bottle of perfume, you have to check it, because the Transportation Security Administration is very strict about the amount of perfume you carry with you.
TSA Liquid Rules
The 3-1-1 rule essentially stipulates that all liquids, gels, creams, and aerosols that you carry with you must be packed in a container that does not exceed 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters). You can bring many 3.4-ounce containers, as long as they fit into a one-quart clear plastic travel toiletry bag. Each passenger is limited to one piece of such luggage. Any liquid that exceeds 3.4 ounces, as long as it is not medically necessary, must be placed in your checked luggage.
TSA Liquid Rules
Packaged perfume
You can pack perfume in original containers with a capacity of less than 3.4 ounces. If the original bottle is too big, you can also transfer it to your own small travel container. To make the most of the items you carry with you, pack liquid toiletries (such as perfume) and solid toiletries (such as soap and solid deodorant) separately.

Duty free perfume
When it comes to perfume, the only way to bypass the 3-1-1 rule is to buy it at the duty-free shop in the airport. Duty-free liquids over 3.4 ounces can be carried or carried with you, as long as they are packaged by the retailer in a safe, undisturbed bag. You must also have a receipt showing that you purchased within the past 48 hours.

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