Different Outdoor Sports Gears List & Packing Tips

Before choosing outdoor travel, you must master the necessary outdoor knowledge and choose the right equipment. Especially for survival in the wild and going to sparsely populated places, it is essential to prepare a strategy and bring good equipment in advance!

Different outdoor sports have different equipment, which should be prepared according to the sport, such as riding helmets and gloves for riding, skiing suits for skiing, and so on. The following is a list of eight kinds of sports and their equipment for reference:

1. Mountaineering gears: compass, map, GPS, sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hat, sun protection clothing, trekking poles, hiking shoes, knee pads, first aid medicine, hiking bag, headlight, flashlight, jacket, quick-drying underwear, outdoor Knives, water cups, water bags, raincoats, high-energy foods, etc. If you need to spend overnight, you need to prepare camping equipment.

Different Outdoor Sports Gears List & Packing Tips
2. Camping gears: tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof pads, carry on backpacks, hiking shoes, toiletry bags, LED flashlights, rain gear, cookware sets, tableware, outdoor water purifiers, water cups and water bags, outdoor lights.

3. Cycling gears: bicycles, cycling helmets, cycling headscarves, cycling glasses, raincoats, cycling clothes, cycling sleeves, cycling gloves, cycling light travel backpack, knee pads, portable water bottles, portable pumps, front of the car Bags, car lights, car repair kits, car locks, inner tubes, bicycle stopwatches, etc.
Different Outdoor Sports Gears List & Packing Tips

4. Ski gears: ski suits, ski goggles, skis, retainers, ski boots, ski poles, sports protective gear (helmets, face protection, gloves, knee pads, hip pads, etc.).

5. Rock climbing gears: Outdoors have main ropes, safety belts, iron locks, protectors, daisy chain, quickdraw, nut, bolts, hangers, bouldering mats, helmets, climbing shoes, protective gear, indoor climbing ropes, safety Belts, climbing shoes, helmets, protective gear.

6. Surfing gears: surfboard, rudder, foot rope, wax block, outdoor wetsuit, anti-skid pad, surfboard back bag, noseguard.

Different Outdoor Sports Gears List & Packing Tips
7. Drifting gears: life jackets, water sports helmets, drifting gloves, sunscreen, sunglasses, beach shoes, mobile phone waterproof bags. Life jackets, helmets and gloves are generally provided at the rafting site.

8. Diving gears: snorkeling has diving goggles, snorkels, and fins. Scuba diving equipment includes diving suits, diving boots, diving gloves, diving knives, diving helmets, diving flashlights, counterweights and weight belts, gas cylinders, and diving Decompression meter, underwater light, underwater recording board, etc.

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