FAQs about Sewing Machine Case

Is it necessary for everyone to prepare a suitcase for their sewing machine?

Absolutely not! But if we are completely honest, the answer really depends on who you are and what you plan to do. If you plan to keep your sewing machine and your sewing activities purely in the comfort of your limited home, then you may not need to go your way to buy a suitcase.

Similarly, if you plan to travel, the importance of bringing a good suitcase is absolutely the same. However, even if you don't plan to travel, we still think it's a good idea to get a suitcase for safe storage - dust, the lifespan of children and animals are often serious risks to sewing machines so suitcases can overcome these problems!



What should I look for in a sewing machine case?

First, consider your own unique situation. Pay special attention to two things: the size of your sewing machine and how often you plan to travel.

Although all the boxes on our list should be able to hold a normal sewing machine, if yours deviates from the standard, you should make sure that the size of your machine compares with the box you plan to carry before paying any money.

Is the sewing machine carrying case waterproof?
It all depends on the model you choose and its materials. Generally speaking, if the box is entirely composed of nylon or cotton material, it will almost always not be waterproof. But if it is made of hard plastic, then you can safely assume that your case is at least waterproof (not to be confused with waterproof).

For the latter, if you tend to travel frequently (such as frequent travel and flying), make sure you have a suitcase that can withstand Singer’s hard suitcase, because something "softer" like Tuto’s monster machine It may not be enough to cope with the rough handling of the baggage handlers.

FAQs about Sewing Machine Case

Is it legal for me to put my sewing machine in my suitcase and take it on the plane?

Thankfully, you can do this without a doubt. According to the official regulations of the US Transportation Security Administration, you can not only carry the machine, but also all related accessories during the flight. Even better, you can choose to use your suitcase as part of your hand luggage (including going through security, including sewing needles, pins, and scissors, as long as they are less than 4 inches), or as part of your boarding luggage.

In either case, make sure that your sewing machine is fixed and fix all moving parts. Store the spools, presser feet, and spindle spools to prevent any unnecessary damage. Please note that as carry-on luggage, you cannot bring any blades (yes, we know they are essential for sewing!), nor can you bring utility knives or large scissors.

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