Fly with a Backpack and Carry it with You

In some ways, limiting luggage to backpacks and knapsacks can make flying easier. On most flights, you can save money by not having to check luggage, and you never have to worry about losing something. But as the elevated cars appear to be shrinking and the struggle to find space becomes more intense, moving bulky items onto planes can be a hassle. Using the right luggage and luggage strategically means you can put everything you need on the plane without falling over or waiting patiently.

Fly with a Backpack and Carry it with You

Choose a smart backpack with a thick padded strap, because you'll be in a line through a long terminal that usually sits in the car for a while. Leave your clothes and lightweight laptop backpack at home and pick up a travel backpack. Choose packages made of waterproof material with an internal frame, which will help protect fragile items such as electronics from being crushed. Packages designed for travel may also come with an internal belt so you can prevent the contents from bouncing inside the bag.

Choose a carry-on item that fits under the seat, as you will have to place your backpack in the overhead bin.When filled, choose a wallet, briefcase or messenger bag that is no more than four or five inches thick;Any wide range is not suitable.Choose something with a zipper or buckle at the top so the bag doesn't drop when placed on the side.

Fly with a Backpack and Carry it with You

Place heavier items in the backpack, preferably on the back of the backpack, as the heavy items on the outside of the backpack will cause you to pull back and pull back.Wrap any fragile items in T-shirts and other soft items to provide extra protection.Store anything you need to get to on the flight, such as snacks, reading materials, an extra sweatshirt or carsickness medication, in a smaller carry-on so you can get there even if you fasten your seatbelt lights.Your ticket and ID card should also be with you.

Measure your backpack when you're done packing. Use a tape measure to find the width, height and length of the bag; most airlines don't allow any carry-on items that are larger than 22 by 14 by 9 inches, so if your bag is larger, you'll have to remove some items or choose a different pack.

Secure each compartment of the backpack using TSA approved travel locks.When traveling through the airport, please put these locks on your backpack, as you will not be able to see someone slip on the back of your backpack. Put your keys in your pocket so you can easily unlock the bag for inspection.

TSA backpack

TSA Backpack

Board after your row is called.Get on the plane early so you can better find a place in the overhead rack near your backpack.Position the top handle so it's facing out so it's easy to retrieve it at the end of the trip.

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